5 Strategies To Grow Your Discord Community

5 Strategies To Grow Your Discord Community

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May 5th, 2022

5 Strategies To Grow Your Discord Community

Growing a Discord community can be challenging. Gaining new members can start off slow and this can be disheartening and make you want to give up on continuing to maintain your discord community. 

There is a lot that goes into building a successful Discord community, however, there are some tactics you can implement to help you grow that community faster. 

Here are 5 secrets to growing your Discord server. These strategies are guaranteed to build your Discord community. 


Grow Your Discord Community with SEO 


When someone goes to Google and searches the term “[your topic] Discord server” you want to be ranking in the search results. 

For very popular terms such as “Minecraft Discord server” or “Fortnite Discord server” you might find it hard to rank. There will be established competitors who are holding the top spot. 

New servers find it hard to rank on Google, so how can you get around this? 


Grow Your Discord Community with SEO


One great tactic is creating a YouTube video. Videos are becoming more prominent in the search results for Google. According to a Forrester study, sites that include video content are 53x more likely to rank up on the first page of Google. Google favouring video content can be worked to your advantage.

By creating a YouTube video about your Discord server and including your keywords, you can hope to rank on the first page, in the video carousel that is pulled through from YouTube. 


Increase Your User Retention


Retention refers to the amount of time that users spend on your Discord server and the number of users who interact when they join. 

If you get ten people that join your Discord server, but half of them leave (which will happen). Then you are left with five members. But if you can keep two more members and they each invite one more member, this will create exponential growth over the lifetime of your server. 

So, how do you get more members to stick around? A key element of engaging new Discord users is to ask them questions when they join your server.

When a new member joins, welcome them to your server. You can say hello, welcome and ask them a question. The question you ask will probably vary depending on the topic of your server. For example, if you have a Discord server about YouTube video creation, you can ask a new user to introduce themselves and what their channel is about.

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Create a Vanity URL For Your Server


“What is a vanity URL?” you are asking yourself. 

Have you ever seen Discord servers that have discord.gg/[something]? The type your favourite YouTuber probably has to invite you to their server. That is a vanity URL and you can create one too.

Typically these custom URLs are reserved for those in partnership with Discord and those reaching the highest tier of Server Boosting.

However, there is a sneaky work-around you can do to create your own.

You can go to Discord.io. You can create a new listing and get a custom URL for your server. It will be a discord.io link rather than a discord.gg link but it is still extremely helpful in growing your Discord server. 


Advertising Your Discord Server


When starting a new Discord server, one great way to start building membership quickly is to advertise your server. 

You can use websites like discordlist.net to promote your server. You can also look into advertising it on other servers (as long as they allow it).  These should be servers with users who would also be interested in your server. 


Promote Your Server On Your Other Social Channels


Promote your Discord server to your existing audiences. These are users who will likely be interested in your server, and be actively engaged if they join. 

If you have a large following on another social channel, you can use this to quickly grow your Discord community. 

For example, you can share the link to your Discord server on: 


To Sum Up 


Growing your Discord community doesn't have to be difficult. There are lots of strategies you can put in place to help facilitate growth and watch your member count skyrocket. Promoting your server on other social channels, creating a vanity URL and using SEO are only a few. 


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