5 Tips For Earning Trust Through Content Marketing

5 Tips For Earning Trust Through Content Marketing

Team Streams

March 24th, 2021

5 Tips For Earning Trust Through Content Marketing

Why do you create content for your business? The end goal is to generate revenue. But in reality, you are doing that by building trust with your audience and boost your brand awareness. 

According to Demand Gen, a huge 95% of the B2B service and product buyers say that they view content as an indicator of trust when evaluating a business. In this article, we will discuss five tips on how you can create content for your marketing strategy that will help build trust with your audience and lead to future sales.


1. Be Authentic


No matter what you are selling, your brand has a story to tell. Yes, in some industries it's important to keep a professional tone but even then, it's important that you don't build a brand devoid of personality. 

Some industries will be freer than others to take a more casual, fun tone with their content. However, to build trust with your audience in any industry you need personally and to create authentic content. Create an authentic brand tone that is built around your story, how you started your business, why, and what your goals are.


2. Don’t Be Too Sales-y


Your content marketing should be there to support sales. This does not mean you should be using your content marketing strategy to generate direct sales. 

If all of your content efforts are centred around your product or service, your audience will get tired of engaging with them. You need to build a content strategy around content topics and information that your audience will find useful and give them value. This will help them establish a strong relationship with your brand, so when they are ready to purchase they come to you. 


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3. Research Your Topic


It is easy within content marketing to simply run with what you think is a good idea. You write about what you think is interesting or tell a personal story. This is a bad strategy.

Before creating content you need to step into your audience's shoes. What do they want to know? You can take social media polls, look at questions on Quora, and much more to establish if a topic will be of interest to your audience. 

When you start writing, make sure the content you are creating includes correct, factual information and back it up with credible sources if you can. This high quality, of interest, and well-researched content will help your audience build trust and have faith that you know what you are talking about within your industry. 


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4. Start a Conversation


Content is not meant to be one-sided. Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, etc all have comments sections for a reason. Create content that will engage your audience, ask them questions, or incite a response.

By using content to create a two-way conversation, you build a stronger relationship with those who interact with you. It helps audiences to connect with you and see your business as more than simply a store that sells products. 


5. Keep Content Accessible 


Unless your business generates a large portion of sales from premium content (think video subscription services or ebook authors), you should keep your content free and accessible. 

Sometimes you will create top content that took a lot of time and resources to perfect and you will want to put it behind a gateway. Asking for an email to download a pdf worksheet or short ebook is fine, but expecting users to pay for content will discourage members of your target audience from interacting with you, especially if they have little or no history with your brand.

Creating content should be seen as a way to build your brand. You want to use it to create trusting relationships with your audience through authenticity, authority, and adding value to your audience. Follow the above tips and you can start to build content people will trust. But remember, like any relationship in life, in relationships with your clients it will take time to build trust, so keep giving them great content. 


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