Advertising in the Metaverse Explained

Advertising in the Metaverse Explained

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February 28th, 2022

Advertising in the Metaverse Explained

Advertising in the Metaverse Explained

The metaverse is going to be huge. Predictions have been made that over the next ten years over a billion users are expected to sign up and over $1 trillion will be generated in revenue.

Brands from all kinds of industries are now being presented with the opportunity to get in ahead of the explosion and take advantage of the huge potential the metaverse is sure to deliver. 

The metaverse is going to deliver new revenue streams for brands through advertising, digital e-commerce, NFTs and more. Of all the many options that brands can take to enter the metaverse, advertising probably has the lowest barrier to entry. 

If you are already running ads it is easy to envision how you can adapt your current digital advertising efforts for a VR world. 

Metaverse real estate could be dished out in a similar way to what we currently see with programmatic ads. Essentially you will be able to buy VR billboards and advertise to users in the metaverse in similar ways to those that you currently do in the real world. 

In this blog, we will cover everything your brand needs to know about how advertising in the metaverse will work in the future. 


How Will Advertising in the Metaverse Work?


Brands should think of the metaverse as a new way to tell their story. You will be able to use immersive ads that present an opportunity for you to develop deeper connections with your audience.

This is not an entirely new concept. VR has been around for a while and with the rise of Oculus Rift and other headsets, brands have already invested in sophisticated 360-degree videos for ad campaigns that work on these devices.

All the way back in 2017, Gucci created an immersive ad campaign for VR. The ad invited the user to participate in a soul scene dance choreography from the 60s and was used to drum up interest around their fall collection.


Key Challenges and Concerns

Although there are examples of brands using VR ads before, the metaverse is a whole new ball game.

It aims to connect and exchange information at an unprecedented scale and has the potential for users to be engaged for prolonged periods of time – much longer than what we see with current advertising platforms.

A decentralised architecture, an unfamiliar interface, and a crypto-based economy all also present hurdles that brands have to overcome. However, these are likely to be struggles that need to be adapted to and this will simply come with time and experience.

Some other key struggles that advertisers may see in the early stages of the metaverse include:


Opportunities for Advertisers


There are some challenges that brands will face in the metaverse. However, there are more opportunities.


VR Billboards

VR billboards are the likely place for advertisers to start in the metaverse. These will be simple to design and insert into the metaverse experience.

For example, when users are in a VR space they may look outside the window and see a billboard for Snickers bars.


Product Placement in VR games

VR games are growing in popularity for their immersive experience. As we see VR games built for the metaverse, product placement will inevitably come with them.

This strategy was already used to great effect in the AR game Pokémon Go. Sponsored locations popped up to invite footfall, using the game’s AR creatures as a lure.


To Sum Up 


The metaverse is opening the door to a new world of advertising. There will be challenges but more importantly, there will be opportunities. VR gives brands the chance to create more immersive ads and build deeper connections with audiences, telling their brand story and strengthening customer loyalty. 


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