The Best Marketing Podcasts That You Really Need to Listen To in 2022

The Best Marketing Podcasts That You Really Need to Listen To in 2022

Team Streams

December 20th, 2021

The Best Marketing Podcasts That You Really Need to Listen To in 2022

It seems like every brand is launching a podcast these days. But you have a busy schedule and your commute, or morning run only lasts so long and you have to be picky with the ones you listen to. 

So, what are the best marketing podcasts that you need to be listening to? Well, we've listened to countless hours of marketing podcasts from the most downloaded to the most obscure and we've put together a list of five essential podcasts that we love and you need to listen to in 2022.  


Behind The Numbers by eMarketer


Here at Streams, we love data. And that is exactly why Behind The Numbers is number one on our list of marketing podcasts. The short 30-minute episodes are produced by Insider Intelligence’s eMarketer, and hosted by Marcus Johnson. 

Marcus has been a marketing analyst for a long time and was motivated to start the podcast because of the lack of human connection when marketers are using data. 

Throughout the podcast episodes, Marcus investigates the impact of marketing on the business world. We love how well these episodes are put together – they are meticulous. In addition to Marcus’ own insights, he also has guests he interviews and various short segments make the production flow effortlessly. 

The show is data-based. All the insights you gather and the picture that Marcus paints of marketing and advertising are all backed up by extensive data analysis. If you love diving into data then this is the podcast for you. 


Marketers In Capes


Do you have a short commute, or simply don't have the attention span to listen to someone dive deep into an hour-long analysis of the latest marketing trends? Well, then Marketers in Capes could be the perfect podcast for you. 

Eytan Buchman hosts the Marketers In Capes podcast with each episode an easy to digest 15-minutes long. But don't let the short time fool you, these episodes are packed with practical marketing advice from experts in the field. Eytan interviews the best and brightest to get those exciting snippets that help you peek behind the curtain to how they gained their success. 


Making The Brand Podcast


Do you love pop culture? Then you need to listen to Brianne Flemings Making the Brand.

Brianne's aim with these podcasts is to both educate and entertain. From Harry Potter to Harry Styles, in the (currently) five seasons, Brianne talks with her guests about how various pop culture icons mastered marketing and what top marketing trends are worth jumping on board with, and which ones will disappoint your audience.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers is an honest, down to the bone podcast hosted by Louis Grenier. Episodes range from 20-60 minutes and each one is action-packed. 

Louis focuses his podcast on inspiring brands to stand out. Through his years of experience in marketing, he has noticed how oversaturated many marketing mediums have become. He gives you actionable advice to help you move away from in-your-face marketing and build campaigns that don't make your audience cringe. 


SEOBits Podcast


Are you a marketer that wants to learn SEO? SEOBits is the podcast for you. Jumping into SEO can be overwhelming at the start. There is so much conflicting advice and often videos and blog posts go too deep too fast. 

Rebecca Gill takes a different approach to educating her audience about SEO. She focuses on asking questions that will help you get more traffic to your site, convert leads and more. 

She doesn’t ramble on about algorithm changes or use technical terminology. She communicates simply but with effective and impactful strategies that you can implement even when you are just starting out with SEO. 

This is also a great podcast to recommend to your new junior staff or interns if they want to start learning SEO (as it is so rarely taught in marketing degrees). 


BONUS….The Menu Show


We said you would get five podcasts but we are giving you a bonus sixth (kind of..). Amanda Natividad from Spark Toro is one of our favourite marketers. She doesn't have a podcast yet but it will be coming soon. In 2022 she will be launching the Menu Show and we are excited to devour all her incredible insights in this new format. 

If her podcast is as good as her Twitter feed, this is something you don't want to miss out on. 

You can sign up for her newsletter where you will be notified as soon as her podcast launches here.

And that's a wrap….go subscribe and start listening, you won't regret it. 


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