How to Get Visual With Your Content On a Budget

How to Get Visual With Your Content On a Budget

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April 15th, 2021

How to Get Visual With Your Content On a Budget

According to Adam Enfroy, design and visual content are the biggest challenges for 23.7% of content marketers. Visual content delivers results. It's engaging, highly shareable and ideal for the age of viewing content on mobile. But it costs a lot of money, right? And it takes a lot of skills to make?

Yes, there are some great big-budget visuals out there, that can make your small business feel that its content will never match up. But that is not true. Great visual content on a budget is possible and can deliver amazing results.

In this article, we will cover some tips and tricks for creating visual content on a budget, and share some examples of great budget visual content. 


Tips and Tricks For Creating Visual Content On a Budget


Using Free Tools For Creating Visual Content 

There are some excellent tools out there for creating stunning visual content that doesn't cost you a penny. Many of them also have templates you can work from and have a very small learning curve.

Some of the top free tools for creating visual content on a budget include:

Canva: is a graphic design platform with a free option that allows you to create a variety of visuals from social media graphics to slide decks.

Infogram: is a platform that allows you to create stunning infographics. You can add charts, tables, maps and much more to visualise data and create shareable content.

InShot: is an app you can download to create and edit awesome videos on your phone. The interface is highly intuitive and easy to use, making it easy for someone with no video experience to still create a professional-looking video.

Discover more free and budget content marketing tools in our blog post: The 7 Best Content Marketing Tools For Small Businesses in 2021.


Live Streams 

Going live on social media is a great budget way to create visual content. You can do streams for things like behind the scenes, and show your creative process or what a day is like in your workplace. 

This is a cheap way to create visual content because often you only need a phone, which you probably already have, your social media account, and some willing employees. 

Social media live streams have a ton of benefits for your businesses marketing. You often get immediate feedback from your audience through comments and other interactions. In addition, the urgency created around live streams entices audiences to watch. You will probably get more viewers than you were expecting. 


Examples of Excellent Budget Visual Content


Even with these ideas for budget visual content, it can still be hard to wrap your head around how you can execute this in your marketing strategy. To give you some additional inspiration, here are a couple of budget pieces of visual content that work well for their businesses either in generating sales or building customer relations. 


Zoom: Customer Testimonial 

Sales videos are an area where every business thinks they need to get flashy and spend a big budget. However, a great way to keep the budget reasonable and generate sales for your product or service is to create testimonial videos, like Zoom. 

Consumers trust reviews from their peers. When a customer says your product is awesome, it holds more weight than when you do. Testimonial videos are easy to shoot and often don't require too much production, or editing. They can often be shot in the customer's office and only need a simple script.



Moz Whiteboard Friday 

Whiteboard Fridays (previously Whiteboard Wednesdays) is a weekly video released from Moz. Their SEO experts take turns doing explainer videos, covering various marketing and SEO topics. 

These budget videos are not fancy at all. They require little production or editing. In reality, it is just someone talking into the camera and drawing on a whiteboard for 10-20 minutes. 

These videos are a go-to for many when looking for information on SEO and marketing topics and have helped established Moz and its staff as thought leaders in the digital marketing space.  



See inspirations here:


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