Content Marketing Terms You Need to Know in 2021 (A-Z)

Content Marketing Terms You Need to Know in 2021 (A-Z)

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May 2nd, 2021

Content Marketing Terms You Need to Know in 2021 (A-Z)

Content marketing terminology can be tough. You are talking with your team or reading an article and suddenly a new word is thrown at you, that you don't quite understand. In this article, we go through all the definitions of the content marketing terms you need to know in 2021, so there will be no more confusion.


A/B Testing


A/B testing involves creating two different versions of a piece of content, (such as a landing page or email) that have small variations. This can be a different image, a different CTA, one may include an image and the other a video etc.

You then send version A to 50% of your audience and version B to the other 50%. You analyse the results, review which performs better, and use those insights as you continue the campaign, and in future campaigns


Content marketing terms


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Above The Fold

The part of a web page that you can see without scrolling.


A link from a page on one website to another website. Often to refer the reader to the source of a statistic or quote used in a piece of content.

Buyer Persona

A report that shows the makeup of the ideal customer of a business. This is a fictional character and the information on the report includes things such as what resources they trust, their profession, how they spend their free time, what problems they encounter that your product could solve.


Call To Action. This is a small piece of copy used to get your audience to take action. For example, a button that says “subscribe to our blog” or “book a demo.”

Conversion Rate

The number of visitors to your website that complete a specific goal such as making a purchase or booking a demo.

Cornerstone Content

The core content of your website. The most important and valuable content for your audience and the pages you want to rank highest in search engine results pages.

Direct Response

Content and promotions that request a direct response from the user to the brand. This can be a phone call, responding to an email, or opening up a chat.

Editorial Calendar

A publishing schedule. A calendar that mandates when content from blog posts to podcasts will be released.

Evergreen Content

Content that continues to provide value after it is published. The continual relevance of this content makes it excellent for SEO purposes and of vital importance to content marketing strategy.


A forum or message board is a website that exists where members discuss a specific topic. Forums are responded to in threads and can often continue to be added to for weeks or months at a time. Reddit is a popular forum and social media website that has a wide variety of topic threads.


Content marketing terminology



A label created for social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags can be great for social media campaigns and help to encourage user-generated content.


People that are looked up to within a certain industry. These people often have a large social media following, set trends, and provide valuable insights and content within their industry.


Key Performance Indicators. These are the metrics you chose to measure your content's success. For example, you may measure your landing page for your new e-book success by how many times your e-book is downloaded.

Landing Page

A web page where traffic is sent with the intention to get them to take a specific action. There is one specific goal of this page and nothing more. Often landing pages are created with PPC or social ads to generate traffic to them.

Link Building

Link building is a content marketing strategy in which marketers acquire links to their website from other websites (often with high authority) to improve their search engine rankings on the linked page.

Market Segmentation

Dividing prospects or audiences into smaller and more defined segments to target them with specific marketing materials.

News Jacking

Capitalising on a breaking news story to amplify a piece of content you have created.

Personalised Content

Taking the data you have to send content to your users that they are most likely to enjoy and engage with based on past interaction, demographics, interests, location and more.


Retargeting keeps your brand at the front of the mind of audiences that have had some kind of engagement with your brand such as clicking on an ad or visiting your website. The user's browser will drop a cookie on your website and your website can then identify the browser. The retargeting ad network then knows to lead relevant ads from your brand to that user.


Content marketing glossary



Search Engine Results Page. A page of links that search engines, such as Google present when you search a specific query.


This is another word for A/B Testing (see above)


The top of the funnel is a prospect's first interaction with a brand. This can be liking a Facebook page, visiting a website or many other things.


Unique Selling Propositions. Something you offer that your competitors do not. Your unique offering that benefits your customers.


A piece of content becomes extremely popular in a very short amount of time. This content often spreads like wildfire on social media where it is quickly shared and viewed.


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