Content Marketing Tips: Facebook

Content Marketing Tips: Facebook

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February 14th, 2021

Content Marketing Tips: Facebook

It’s fair to say that Facebook opened the floodgates for a social media boom, and provided the first taste of content marketing through social media for many businesses. Now, with so many other applications to choose from to reach an audience, many have abandoned Facebook entirely, but are they missing a trick?

Facebook has over 2.8billion active users monthly. This stands at almost three times the number for Instagram and surpasses Twitter by miles. With the sheer number of potentially untapped audiences, it’s worth pressing pause, and reevaluating how to make the most out of marketing on Facebook.




Utilize Your Business Page 


Your business page is your brand’s launching pad on Facebook. The set up is closer to a website than other social media sites, and as such, you need to treat it with the same level of meticulousness to draw in consumers with ease.

Consider your cover photo; a 820px by 312px image that is one of the first pieces of content someone sees when they click onto your page. A simple and effective tip is to view it as a billboard. What message do you want to shout from the rooftops that will engage an audience or call to attention a specific brand feature?

You could keep it simple and have an image that is a direct call to action to visit your website or sign up to your newsletter, or you could use it as a way to market certain products or services that change with the season.

Another unique feature for those with a business page is Facebook Messenger Bot. This handy A.I. has a range of advantages towards content marketing. With people more likely to open a Facebook message over a marketing email, this is the perfect way to reach out to customers in a way that feels personal. 

Sponsored ads can be sent directly to anyone who has contacted you via your page which essentially gives you an automated outreach list. This used in conjunction with a messenger bot can engage customers who are already intending to make a purchase, and just need that little extra nudge.

Content aside, a messenger bot can help to take on a load of customer care responsibilities. It’s automated response means customers, who expect year-round communication, aren’t waiting too long to be replied to. Their needs can be filtered so they can efficiently reach the right human representative to help if possible.


Facebook Laptop




Due to Facebook owning Instagram, the ability to link the two has made many businesses lax to the content that is appearing on their Facebook page. Content curated specifically for Instagram doesn’t always directly translate to what the audience following you on Facebook will want to see.

Not to mention it’s easy to tell that content is duplicated, as a result, users will find little point in following you across both social media accounts.

Posting unique content doesn’t have to be difficult if you lean into the functionalities Facebook has in abundance that Instagram lacks. 

For one, Facebook allows you to add links to posts which enables you to share interesting and relatable articles about your industry or blog posts, and product highlights directly from your website. The latter in turn drives traffic to your website too.

Another benefit of posting directly to Facebook is being able to upload longer videos, or include YouTube links that embed seamlessly to your post, both of which is easily sharable.

Though it might feel like a lessened burden to link your Instagram to your Facebook page and call it a day, it could also hinder your audience engagement. Instead, by switching up your cross-media posting it creates a more dynamic feed that doesn’t soak up too much of your time. 


Facebook Laptop 2


Your Audience


Facebook is a hub for growing communities, and as a brand, you can easily engage communication with your audience, or act as a facilitator for generating chatter within your growing community.

Create and share content that will get your audience talking. Ask questions and join in the conversation, even if it’s just replying with a like or reaction. 

All of these interactions will give you a good scope of which branch of your audience is most responsive with your Facebook page and will allow you to adjust content accordingly.  

Facebook created the blueprint for social media ads, and it has one of the most intuitive and integrated ad managers to date. 

When creating a Facebook ad you have a plethora of options allowing you to tailor it to reach audiences of a specific age group, location or interest, all of which can be gleaned through the interactions taking place on your page. 

Facebook is nowhere near as dated as you might believe, it has done well to keep up to date with the various ways of interacting with audiences, by leveraging to combine the ability to post all forms of content on the platform. 

It’s effortless to use, and its self-contained features mean less time spent fiddling with other services to schedule content and monitor engagement. This allows you to focus on building your content to reach its full potential.  

By putting into place some of the more underutilized abilities such as the messenger bot, and keeping your feed feeling fresh, it will entice followers to stay following your business page and give you access to a wider audience reach long term. 


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