Content Marketing Trends in 2021 - and How to Adapt

Content Marketing Trends in 2021 - and How to Adapt

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April 29th, 2021

Content Marketing Trends in 2021 - and How to Adapt

Content marketing trends are always changing. There's new mediums, new platforms, and new ideas to experiment with. Some quickly fade away to be forgotten and others stick around and help businesses who adapt to them grow. In this article, we will cover some of the top content marketing trends for 2021 and how you can stay adaptive with your content marketing strategy as new trends emerge.


Content Marketing Trends 2021


To say content marketing is a quickly evolving field is an understatement. Keeping track of all the new content Marketing trends is tough, so here are some of the most prominent trends we’ve seen in 2021.


AI to Support Content Creation and Writing

AI content marketing tools keep getting better. They might not be making the content for you yet, but through 2021 we have seen a trend of more businesses incorporating AI tools to help with everything from idea generation to content curation. Embracing new AI tools can help save you time, assist in creative thinking and improve the efficiency of your content marketing efforts.


Original Research

Content marketing has become incredibly saturated. The internet has become a sea of blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos. One of the content marketing trends we are seeing in 2021, is that to stand out, brands are doing original research. From taking polls to gain new audience insights to sharing data around their product to give their audience useful information, original research has a lot of value in todays content marketing landscape.


AI tools for content marketing



More than half of all US consumers above the age of 12 listen to podcasts. Podcasts are not going anywhere and as 2021 continues more of them are popping up. With the busy lives that consumers lead, podcasts are a way to consume content on the go. The medium in which they are delivered appeals to many. They give your audience the chance to learn, and the storytelling format that they are shared in makes them engaging.


How to Adapt to Content Marketing Trends


Keeping on top of content marketing trends is only the beginning. Once you know the trends emerging, it can then be overwhelming thinking about how you can adapt to them. You don’t only need to be reactive. You can be proactive too. There are some great strategies you can put in place that will keep your business flexible and ready to adapt to new content marketing trends.


AI tools for content marketing


Find Your People

Who are you looking to, to help you keep on top of and adapt to content marketing trends? You should establish mentors, peers, and a network either personal or online, that you can not only follow for advice on content but can also run your ideas by, before jumping into a new campaign.

Keeping up with the marketing community is essential in learning the ever-changing processes and learning new ways to adapt to trends. Start joining groups on LinkedIn, follow influencers on Twitter, and see if there are local meetups or conferences in your city.


Keep Eyes On Competitors

To understand the big shifts in your audience's preferences, you need to look at what your competitors are doing. Looking at competitors content campaigns can give you a fresh perspective. You can see patterns of what is performing well, and what is not being responded to.


Don’t Try To Do Everything

Time is money and trying to spread yourself too thin by staying on top of all the trends and exploring all options can waste resources. You need to learn when is the time to be the brand that is ahead of the curve and acts fast with new trends and when to wait and see how they pan out. Don't act rashly and embrace new trends that aren't fit for your customers simply because everyone else is doing them.



While you shouldn't try to jump on top of every possible new trend, you should allow your brand to experiment. Sometimes the best way to adapt and learn is by trial and error. Testing new campaigns can be the best way to get insights and will often deliver more valuable data than market research. You can then adapt your content marketing strategy based on the results of tested campaigns.


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