Content Trends by: Alise Jane

Content Trends by: Alise Jane

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December 14th, 2020

Content Trends by: Alise Jane


Who are you?


My name is Alise Jane.


What do you do?


I’m a full-time fashion, beauty and street-style photographer and videographer; who also occasionally takes some self-portraits.




I started my journey a few years ago when I worked as a video editor for a YouTuber. That’s where I got to learn all about influencer marketing and see the behind the scenes process of creating fun social media content. From there I stepped into the world of street style and blogger photography. 

I am currently a freelance photographer working in London and what brings me the most joy is beauty and fashion - in all its forms and mediums. I also enjoy creating self-portraits as I love the process of being in front of the camera as well as behind









5 game-changing photographers:


1. Vanessa Zican Feng @vanessajzc

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When I think about the term “game-changing photographer” I think of someone who creates images that we don’t often see; someone who creates art through their personal view and experiences. Vanessa Zican Feng is definitely one of those photographers. She is not just a photographer but a strong visual artist and I always enjoy seeing her work. 


2. Sasha Samsonova @sashasamsonova 

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I often imagine Sasha Samsonova to be a 21st-century female Helmut Newton - her work is so loud, vibrant and edgy, often sexually charged and unapologetic. The creativity simply oozes out of every portrait and pulls me in with the harsh contrast and beautiful tones.


3. Michael Oliver Love @michaeloliverlove 

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Michael’s work is simple yet so creative and powerful. From the colours and locations to the shapes and angles that are created - it’s all very unique and inspiring. 


4. Abdulla Elmaz @abdullaelmaz 

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With such a signature look and artistic flare, Abdulla’s photography inspires me to create dream-like and often unrealistic imagery that tells a story in a different way than we are used to. His page is like escaping the reality for a moment and I love that!


5. Jamie Beck 

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If you have ever watched Jamie Beck’s Instagram stories on how she creates each of her photographs, you would know how intricate, patient and precise her work ethic is. It’s pure magic and artistry! Photographs that look like actual 19th century paintings. 


What Streams searches would you suggest?