Content Trends by: The Communications Director

Content Trends by: The Communications Director

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November 25th, 2020

Content Trends by: The Communications Director

Who are you? 



Abi Gibbons


What do you do: 


I am responsible for all internal and external communications at ISBA, who are the only body in the UK representing leading UK advertisers.  My remit is to support and promote the ISBA manifesto through communication with all our stakeholders.



I joined ISBA in 2017 after spending six years working at DMGT plc as Communications Director. Prior to this I was Head of Marketing for Metro newspaper. I have held a variety of senior marketing and communications roles mainly in the media sector.




Twitter: @abislater 



What content trends are you seeing?


I consume so much content for work. I know that I am lucky because I genuinely love my job and the associated world of advertising and media. Sometimes whilst reading the many email newsletters I receive each morning and when I am stuffed full of the latest industry conversations on Twitter I think ‘ is this actually work, cause it really doesn’t feel like it ‘

If I want the truth about the world, about the big picture, about what’s really affecting our members at a Board level, then I go to the FT.  I am not loyal to one consumption method. I might read an email update, catch up on a round up, scroll through the home page, notice a tweet from one of their journalists or pick up a story on our monitoring service and I will delve in. It’s always balanced and thoughtful stuff, not a pin striped suit or bowler hat in sight.

Advertising isn’t the hard faced, money obsessed world it’s portrayed in films . I work with marketers that really care and want their brands to be better and do better. I am proud to be on the board of MEDIASMART UK


and the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) who have just launched a podcast series - because of the amazing work both these organisations do, not just for the advertising industry but its wider impact on society as a whole.


You can’t be an advertiser today and ignore the responsibility that comes with that. From brands inadvertently funding terrorist organisations to advertising that legitimises racist or homophobic viewpoints, the guys at CAN, who are all volunteers, help advertisers make more responsible choices with their ad spend. 

2020 has been a significant year in so many ways but the impact of Black Lives Matter has been huge on society and although as an industry we have a long way to go to be truly representative, the desire and commitment to change is real. Sometimes it’s wise to look at grassroots content to truly understand the issue. There are some super talented people out there, making a difference where it really matters. I get more than a bit emosh when I see what my brilliant mate BadLaydee is doing in East London. We need to cherish these initiatives which genuinely make a difference to our society



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Of course I am not a workaholic and whilst I am sipping my second (ok third ) glass of wine I know how to let my hair down.  I avidly follow Olly Smith on instagram to get all my wine tips and recommendations.



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I will admit I am a cat lady. Mother to Prince Leopold, the deaf and elderly love of my life . I have followed Cats on Catnip on FB for a long time and let me tell you there is nothing as soothing as a picture of a cats paws and nothing as funny as a cat launching a surprise attack on a toddler.




I have recently become a tortoise owner . My stepdaughter’s birthday present Cheerio is 5 cm long and will live for 100 years . He has stolen my heart. The tortoisewhisperer on Tik Tok and Instagram guides me through the anxiety of owning an animal who I have no experience of caring for. If you have never bathed a tortoise you haven’t lived.



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As a Communications Director, what Streams searches would you recommend?