Content Trends by: Secretly LDN

Content Trends by: Secretly LDN

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January 17th, 2021

Content Trends by: Secretly LDN

Who are you?



Secretly LDN 


What do you do:


Work for a local London Government, content creator and amateur photographer. 




I have always had a passion for photography and wanted to share my images through social media, so 4 years ago I created an additional Instagram account for my photography. The most popular pictures on my channel were those of London and I started to see how popular these types of channels were becoming on Instagram. I decided to focus on London and that is how the channel today was born. There are a lot of London channels on Instagram, so having a unique name was very important to me! 




Instagram: @secretlyldn


What content trends are you seeing? 


The trends are very seasonal and dependent on the events currently happening in London. From September onwards all the focus is on Autumn which quickly moves onto Christmas which begins in the middle of November (according to Londoners). I am also seeing a very big trend in featuring other channels and giveaways on larger channels. Another hot trend is finding pop up installations such as Christmas decorations outside of the festive season such as the Canary Wharf light festival.

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A post shared by Out🌈ToExplore (


A dreamy take on London, I was drawn to this channel by their artistic style which makes all their pictures look like a fairy tale. Like their channel name they really do explore all parts of London rather than focusing on Central London which is very touristy. 



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A post shared by Exploring London 🇬🇧 (@exploringlondon)


One of the first accounts we started following when the channels focus became about London. They feature most of their content, but they are very successful with this and have inspired me to feature other channels. They have grown considerably since I began following them over 2 years ago. 



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A post shared by Tag #LondonDisclosure (@londondisclosure)


One of the best run channels in London, the content is extremely professional, and the quality is outstanding. This channel shows that is possible to be successful only using featured posts. They do feature blogs of hotels and restaurants and do giveaways, which is something that is gaining popularity and is great to boost your engagement. 



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A post shared by Ellie 👋 | London💂 (@lifeinzoneone)


As their bio says ‘🍩 The best bites, pretty places & fun facts 🌸’ this account focus more on food with a personal feel and is more like a blog than just an Instagram account. Their picture of the umbrella installation inspired me to visit and take pictures for our channel, I wasn’t even aware it was their until they posted! Another favourite was their feature on @humblecrumble (a great up and coming business) and just had to visit as they made it look so appealing! 



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A post shared by London Photographer • Shadzii (@shadz_ig)


A self-titled channel which focuses mainly on London, shadz’s account features some of the best photography on any Instagram account in London. His 24k followers does not do justice to the quality of the content he produces; I love that he remains a photographer at heart and his passion for photography comes across to his audience. His behind the scenes gives an amazing insight into the hard work and dedication required to taking the best shots of London!  


5 pieces of content we liked


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A post shared by thelensoftariq (@thelensoftariq)


I love this image as they have managed to take one of the most photographed buildings in the world and display it in a perspective many people most likely haven’t seen. It gives an intimate vibe to the picture and shows how just adding detail in the foreground can make the photograph pop and stand out! 


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A post shared by Anna Celac (@annastravelgram)


The way she has managed to combine the time of the year with an iconic landmark in the background is incredible. Anyone looking at this picture can instantly tell it was taken in autumn and by doing so, it adds another layer to an already interesting shot. It would feel far less interesting if it was taken in any other season!


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A post shared by Leo_leo 🔴⚫️ (@londongram36)


A simply stunning capture which brings warmth to a famous view in London that is also an untouched gem. Before seeing this shot, I had not ventured to Richmond Hill, but after seeing this piece of content and how well it performed, I simply had to capture if before autumn was over. 


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A post shared by Monsur • London • Nature (@monsurphotography)


A very simple image which could be any street in London, shows that taking pictures at the right time is the key to having great content. This piece of content inspired me to take a very similar picture for my channel and was very successful. There is just something magical about tree lined streets in London. 


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A post shared by 🇬🇧 London4All (@london4all)


Without being an expert on London you would not know where this picture was taken, and this is what makes the picture even more special. Part of standing out on Instagram is finding unique and less photographed places in London. 


As a Content Creator, what Streams searches would you recommend?