Content Trends by: The Car Rental Business Owner

Content Trends by: The Car Rental Business Owner

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March 30th, 2021

Content Trends by: The Car Rental Business Owner

Who are you?


Karl Ayling

Co-founder, co-owner Buggs Car Hire 

Insta: buggscarhire





I ran a a successful design and print business in Surrey for a number of years, then in 1996 decided to uproot my wife and very young kids to go to live in the  Dordogne in South West France. As a young family with kids we were something of a novelty as the majority of Brits living here were retired - a trend that has completely reversed in recent years, which is directly attributable to TV programmes, digital and Social Media platforms, portraying a different  lifestyle, and offering support and advice, none of which we had access to back then. I commuted between France & UK for 10 years, and then decided there were many opportunities to set up businesses in Dordogne area and starting a car rental business for the thousands of tourists, particularly the Brits, seemed a logical move. 

Hard work, and good marketing both in France and UK has  meant that growth at has been really good for the last 15 years, expanding into regional airports across France and building a strong and respected brand. Mildly challenging over  last 12 months as you can imagine, so sourcing strong and reliable content to keep the conversation going between Buggs and our existing and hopefully new client base has been ultra important for us as we wait for tourism to start moving again.


Consuming Content


I consume a lot of content both offline and online for both global day to day news and  industry  news. My daily go-to’s include and The European


Forbes michaelalpiner /2021/03/28/ instagram-expert-gives-advice-to-travel-influencers


and of course the good old @BBC is my go to for a quick appraisal of what's current.

I also search out what Lisa O'Carroll @Guardian has to say about Brexit, yes I know I'm 'European' and yes it does affect us too.


The Guardian /politics/2021/mar/27/brexit-uk-cheese -firm-boss-in-despair-over-ministers-export-advice


Social Media


Our business profile is critical to its success, so maintaining this through social media engagement  is essential to keep projecting our unique approach to a pretty ‘unexciting' type of business. Although, we do get the odd celebrity client including @liamgallagher


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Local facebook groups, business groups and other digital  forums are a good example where it is necessary to continually engage,  not only to correct the mis-information about this industry but also to remain current and  engaging to our  local business and  consumer audiences


France Magazine Magazine


And relax…...


The very nature of the  car rental business meant that for a numbers of years, as we grew our business,  we were working 7 days per week, but as we’ve expanded and the team has increased in size, I’m now able to spend time relaxing and playing golf - being a devoted golfer and living on a golf course, my mind is seldom drawn from the attraction of that little white ball, which if I'm not chasing around will read about in reporting of Eddie Pepperell 


@PepperellEddie a professional golfer with a humour on par (sic) with mine. emails-with-eddie-pepperell/


And of course, to really know what's happening in the world,  I still can’t resist  the satirical view of Private Eye,


Private Eye


As a Car Rental Business Owner, what Streams searches would you recommend?