Content Trends by : The Company Founder and Nutritionist

Content Trends by : The Company Founder and Nutritionist

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December 27th, 2020

Content Trends by : The Company Founder and Nutritionist


Who are you? 


Victoria Godfrey


What do you do? 


I am the co-founder of DNApal is an app that will guide people with diet, lifestyle and supplement advice based on their genes. The advice is all evidence based and focuses heavily on combining diet and genetics. I also work as a naturopathic nutritional therapist in Harley Street, London and in Ibiza.




I have worked in TV and advertising since I was 18 yrs old, in a fast paced environment.  I then retrained in nutrition back in 2013 at the College of Naturopathic medicine. It was life changing.  I suddenly understood the value of food and nutrition. Since then I have studied Advanced cancer care, and am now passionately involved in a genetics company called and building a health tech app, based on genetics and nutrition to help find the diet that’s right for you and your genes.  We work to optimize peoples health based on their genetics. 




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Nutrition Trends


The main thing I see daily is “Nutrition Confusion”.  People are bombarded with contradictory messages and aren’t quite sure how to sort through and determine which diet is best for them.

When I studied advanced cancer care (biochemistry of cancer and nutrition) We were taught that veganism would only suit 50% of the population and the other 50% would not prosper so well on a vegan diets. Which brings us back to individuality and personalised health to make you you be the best you can be. 

Here are my top Trends in Nutrition……..


Preventive health


I think that the arrival of Covid has taught us the value of looking after our health, I also think that the virus has highlighted how many sick people we actually have in society who are vulnerable with underlying health conditions. There needs to be a shift in thinking, where people take responsibility for their health and work from a preventative aspect, rather than thinking its ok, the Dr can just give me a pill. Dr Rangan Chatterjee works with his patients in this way. He is a pioneer for bringing lifestyle medicine to the UK and has helped his patients reverse Type 2 Diabetes with a personalised approach to nutrition. His podcast is currently #1 in the UK and in Europe.


Dr Chatterjee


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Plant based nutrition


Plant-based nutrition is another big trend that comes with a lot of confusion. I am fully in support of people eating more fruit and veg, as a society we don’t consume nearly enough as it is. A problem I see here is the infiltration of so-called “healthy vegan alternatives” such as the frankenstein meat burgers that are filled with preservatives and binders and are not healthy even though the marketing would lead you to believe otherwise. When it comes to adding more plants into your diet, it’s important to choose whole foods that are unprocessed and cooking from scratch. Here is a plant recipe I do like - which is easy enough to make at home with a food processor :) 



Link to recipe: vegetables-recipes/the-best- vegan-burger/


Biohacking / Biohackers


Biohacking is another trend I see in the nutrition world. Biohacking consists of making small, incremental changes to diet and lifestyle to improve overall health and wellbeing. Fitness trackers such as the Oura ring have entered this space and provide data to inform some of the “hacks” to help people reduce stress, improve sleep and optimise performance. Functional testing such as advanced blood chemistry, DNA and microbiome analysis can further help to inform the way forward with personalised health. However, it’s important to note that working with a trained professional is key here. At DNApal, we aim to bring a truly personalised experience to our clients by combining professional DNA analysis with personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations by registered nutritionists. The app is unique in that it is essentially like having a pal in your pocket, we also provide practical support for people with tips and motivation to help them to implement diet and lifestyle changes aligned with their DNA.

Some trending biohackers are Davinia Taylor, Tim Gray and Dave Asprey. Davinia is one of my favourites, always trying out various health and lifestyle hacks to make herself the best that she can be. I love this concept – working from a preventative aspect, it’s much easier than working backwards from a sick body.


Tim Gray


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Davinia Taylor


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Dave Asprey


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As a Nutritionist, what Streams searches would you recommend?