Content Trends by: The Design Agency Owner

Content Trends by: The Design Agency Owner

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January 10th, 2021

Content Trends by: The Design Agency Owner


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Content trends for 2020


So, an interesting year for content. Where do you start. Covid. Trump. Brexit. You know what, I am going to start with Burger King.

With so many bad things happening in 2020 some nice, positive messaging started to appear on our screens. Lets take a look first at what Burger King did.

They were all about helping out their “friends”



And they didn’t just stop there. During the 2nd wave of lockdowns, they gave over their social media accounts to help out the smaller independents



And finally, they also threw in some great work with Stevenage Town FC.

Check this out.



All in all a very good year for Burger King.

Starbucks took a very positive stance on diversity. This is beautiful



And then ITV got the whole Lockdown Zoom thing perfect with this advert



Even Tesco managed to get rid of the naughty list this Christmas 



But it wasn’t just them trying to do the right thing at the end of the year. The John Lewis advert “dropped” this Christmas, with reduced hype than normal and was all giving a little love.



To view all the John Lewis adverts, since 2007 check out this blog post - the-john-lewis-christmas-adverts/


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