Content Trends by : The HR Consultant

Content Trends by : The HR Consultant

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January 31st, 2021

Content Trends by : The HR Consultant

Who are you?



Helen Cleare 


What do you do?


I am an HR Consultant, and work with small and medium sized businesses in guiding them through any issues that they have in employing and managing their staff. This can mean anything from writing contracts of employment and policies, to training managers or helping a business manage a period of change. My Company is called Cleare HR Consulting – I am based in Hants but much of my work can be done remotely so I really offer a UK wide service for most clients. 

The COVID 19 outbreak in the UK has bought many challenges for employers – from furloughing staff, dealing with mental health issues, managing staff remotely and offering flexibility to allow working parents to look after their children.  The guidance from the government changes rapidly (GOV.UK) and at I have had to work hard in keeping up to date so that I can pass that knowledge onto my clients. I wonder if the world of work will change for good once the pandemic is over.   




Twenty-five years experience working in HR – starting off in the prison service in mid 90s.  I then had roles in hospitality, construction and financial services which gave me a good grounding in employment law, operational HR and dealing with disputes at work.  I dealt with everything from fighting at the Christmas party, drug dealing on the premises and helping to dismiss lots of thieves….




LinkedIn (me) : Helen Cleare

LinkedIn for Cleare HR : Cleare HR Consulting

Facebook : CleareHR



What does an HR Consultant do?


HR Consultants cover a wide range of specialisms but I tend to focus on HR compliance, employee relations and training.  I work alongside smaller businesses and do everything on a smaller scale for them that an HR department would do in a bigger business.  I give advice to them over the phone or by email, or attend their premises to assist them in dealing with particular staffing issues.  

I sometimes undertake workplace investigations in relation to either a grievance or disciplinary matter and these can be very time-consuming.  These can be quite interesting as I get to learn a lot about how people view their relationships with others and how they view themselves.  Sometimes a problem occurs through a lack of communication but it can be due to employees not understanding the rules.  In other cases through people can be really difficult – I do wonder if the stressful world that we live in plays a part in that. 


What content trends are you seeing?


My main source of knowledge for professional guidance has always been the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as this is the industry’s main body which sets the standards for what we do.  I still refer to their website for their updates and look for stories and tips there CIPD.  Most senior HR professionals which have undertaken study with the CIPD and gained their qualifications. 



I used LinkedIn a lot and I also email updates and newsletters out to my clients.  Without doubt, one of the most popular topics that I write about currently is mental health and mindfulness.  I write about my knowledge of this subject as a Mental Health First Aider.  Anyone can do the training and it is really worthwhile : MHFA.

I think that the best person to explain why mindfulness is so powerful is Ruby Wax through her books.   She’s inspirational and a great advocate for mental health awareness. I follow her avidly on Twitter Ruby Wax on Twitter



MIND is also a great resource and can help employers and employees.  And as they say we’re currently in a mental health emergency.

With the internet making everyone an employment lawyer these days and with so many case law changes, I need to keep on top of everything going on in the world of employment law.  My guru is the wonderful Daniel Barnett who provides daily updates which may affect HR professionals and employment lawyers via his podcasts, LinkedIn posts and emails (he is also the legal expert on LBS radio)  Daniel Barnett. site/media/podcasts/

Updates via breakfast seminars used to be the way to keep informed and meet my peers and colleagues but Zoom meetings have taken over for the time being.  I suspect that many of us might prefer to carry on networking like this!  All types of organisations from business parks, Local Enterprise Partnerships and accountants like to keep in touch with their local contacts and much of the expertise that they have relates to the HR related topics.     

HR professionals used to have limited access to sources of advice but social media has blown that away with so many online communities now existing just for HR professionals  HR Ninjas is one of the online groups I go to for information, and tips



When not inside dealing with HR queries I am outside : either gardening, walking or riding.  Gardening is always on my mind one way or another : I go to the Hardy Plant Society’s Image Library for ideas HPS and the Royal Horticultural Society for news and dates of their not to be missed shows! RHS Shows


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As an HR Consultant, what Streams searches would you recommend?