Content Trends by : Marketing Director - Property Market Analysis

Content Trends by : Marketing Director - Property Market Analysis

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January 26th, 2021

Content Trends by : Marketing Director - Property Market Analysis

Who are you? 



Rory Black 


What do you do: 


As a director of a small company, I wear a few different hats, but I am mostly involved in promoting our online market intelligence platform, Dataloft Inform Our key audience is estate agents, although Inform is a source of insight for anyone in the property sector. 




I joined Dataloft around nine years ago. Dataloft is a property market intelligence company with a long track record of analysing and reporting on the housing market I have spent most of my career in marketing, mainly at advertising agencies but also client side in the marketing team at the Scottish Government. 


LinkedIn: @rory-black-14257115




What content trends are you seeing?


I read an interesting article recently about how John Deere have built their brand from the 1830’s onwards by sharing their knowledge of the market and by being a company that people look to for advice and expertise. Their ‘Furrow’ magazine, created in the 19th century and now read by 1.5 million farmers worldwide has always been a publication to help farmers understand the latest technology and learn how to become the best at what they do. They have become the go-to people for expertise in the market and the notion of buying a product from them has become a natural process for their followers. 


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This is at the heart of content marketing. If you can firstly be known as an expert in your field and can share that knowledge for others to benefit from, you will create a loyal band of customers who keep coming back for more. 

Perhaps this is an easier notion for companies selling commodities like tractors to gain success from. What about estate agents or anyone in the property market involved in the acts of helping people to buy, sell or rent?

We are seeing an explosion in property professionals who are becoming the leading source of information in their markets – the ‘Google’ of their marketplaces. And at the heart of what they do, they have learnt the essential, yet in some ways difficult reality that nobody really cares about their company – they only care about things that will benefit them. 

So, taking the Google analogy further, how could you become the type of agent or property professional that home movers might look to for advice at any time? Or just want to connect with because you share stories and information that interest them? You could hammer away at every paid advertising route you could think of or crowd your social media channels with posts but it’s the content that is king.

We are seeing the most successful property market content marketers working across a number of channels but taking a consistent approach. Whether by video, webinars, social media, online content or more traditional routes, they are tapping into what their customers want to hear. And in the property market, people invariably want to know about their property, how their market is faring, what kind of things people look for in a property and whether this is a good time to move. In short, the content used is centred around the needs of their customers and to help them make their own decisions.




There are, of course, more building bricks required to build a prosperous brand. Testimonials and success stories are important too, for example, and we’re loving current community initiatives like agents giving up their time to print schoolwork for free or raising money for laptops to help underprivileged children. However, being able to resonate with customers is key. It’s about selling less and educating more. 

A consistent content marketing strategy doesn’t create overnight success. You need to stick at it but it’s worth the effort. Almost 200 years of effort in the case of John Deere! I’ll leave the final words to Seth Godin who I had the privilege of listening to recently:

‘A lot of people think they have a brand. They don’t - they just have a logo. To have a brand, you need to be in the world in a way that others aren’t. If you want a brand, you need to earn it over time.’ Seth Godin 



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