Content trends by: The Product Designer

Content trends by: The Product Designer

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November 13th, 2020

Content trends by: The Product Designer

This week, Sam Marks, a London based Product Designer shares with us his latest top content trends regarding Product Design with some added bonus bits of fitness and comedy.

Here at Streams we’re all about simplifying your marketing by showing you what content is working right now. To put rocket boosters behind this we’re launching a series of Guest Content Curators; an exciting mix of people from all industries that are open to sharing content they’ve seen, used or gained value from.

Tell us about yourself:


Name: Sam Marks

Background: My background is in brand, UI and UX. I’ve been primarily a digital user experience designer strategist in the last few years with a heavy dose of design on top. I’ve lead teams both agency and product side and worked on some incredibly challenging designs and experiences for start ups, Universities, governmental and B2B. 

Twitter: @Quilo

Instagram: justsammarks


What content trends are you seeing?


During the last few months of lockdown and COVID I’ve noticed some incredible pieces of creative trending that pay homage to the times we are in. As a Product Designer I’ve listed below some of them which captured my heart and mind. I’ve also noted an increase in people using podcasts and health based tech that have helped me keep productive in these uncertain times. 


1. Flipping things on its head: The Last Issue


For 27 years, ‘Twój Weekend’ (‘Your Weekend’) was a sexist pornographic magazine that objectified and degraded women in Poland and led to young men who didn’t have any formal sex education to cast their assumtions on women and how to behave. That all changed when in 2018 the magazine was put up for sale and VMLY&R Poland  bought it with one simple aim…to shut it down, however, they’d publish one ‘Last Ever Issue” The agency behind the work took huge creative, marketing and financial risks but produced an incredibly powerful and emotive piece of work. 

Content discovery recommendations:


2. Using simplicity is a noisy space: BLM


Shortly after George Floyd was killed by Police a movment on Instagram from the Black Lives Matter movement led to this black square being posted by millions of Instagram users globally to show their solidarity with not only George Floyd but also to show that oppression against black people has to stop.  You can spend time selecting the right message or font or layout but a black square perfectly captured the imagination and feeling of the word.

Content discovery recommendations:


3. Using COVID & quirkiness: Ikea (Spain) stay home


This simple but really creative piece played right into the Spanish need at the time for people to stay home and safe. Using the normal Ikea instructions design concept  the message was simple, stay home, lock the door….oh and stock up on toilet roll. This was a really smart campaign that was backed with a short promo film. 


Content discovery recommendations:


4. Using COVID to drive brand emotion:  Dove - Courage is beautiful 



Using a series of incredibly strong and emotive photos of NHS key frontline staff almost in “battlefield” mode Dove celebrated the strength and determination of hospital staff during the first wave of the COVID pandemic. Under the title “Courage is Beautiful” the photos showed NHS staff in the midst of treating the sick with PPE marks on their faces.


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5. Using COVID to drive humour:  Dude with sign


This instagram account summed up all our feelings with a daily dose of humour with his perfectly crafted daily messages…


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What other content have you found useful?


1. The Rich Roll Podcast


Plantpowered Wellness Advocate, Bestselling Author, Ultra-Athlete & Podcast interviews some fascinating people in the world to talk about what drives them. 


Content discovery recommendations:


2. Russell Brand Under the Skin 

As a Product Designer what Streams searches would you recommend?


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