Content Trends by: The Social Media Executive

Content Trends by: The Social Media Executive

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December 4th, 2020

Content Trends by: The Social Media Executive

Who are you? 


Name: Jack


What do you do: Paid Social Marketing


Background: Social Marketing Executive for several brands


What content trends are you seeing? 


I think the most noticeable trends in advertising, the ones that really stand out to me personally, are those that bring value to their audience in ways other than the product or offer itself. In particular, through humour and/or being more personable.

This is a great way to engage audiences and is a versatile tactic to employ across most marketing methods.



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When this ad popped up in my feed I was immediately drawn to it. It shocks the viewer with its bold statement before the humorous realisation that it means ‘Get Funded’ kicks in. It doesn’t just peak the viewer’s interest, it grabs them and pulls them in. It’s hardly surprising that most of the comments are about how witty and clever it is, and plenty of kudos to their marketing department.




Ryan Reynolds - great actor, but even better salesman! Every video of his will tickle your funny bone and leave you wanting more. What I especially love is that all of his videos are in fact advertisements, and they are either self-aware and poke fun of this or they do it so subtly you don’t even notice you’re being sold to until the brand’s logo pops up at the end.






I think the role of Youtubers and ads is becoming increasingly more important, as is the role of influencers generally. That said, the choice of influencers and how they promote brands are equally as important. Hitting two birds with one stone, Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner are great examples of this. 

Both of them start their videos by addressing the user specifically - in this case either “hey guy” (singular) or by giving an “extra greeting” to those that subscribe. I think this goes a long way in establishing rapport with viewers and having them further value the content. So with this in mind, when they end their videos by cheesily throwing in a passionate sponsored ad that they seem to genuinely care about, a lot of viewers will either want to support them or will just have been sold on the product by someone who’s opinion they value.




Humour is also becoming quite prevalent in conversational marketing, most notably on Twitter where brands respond to users one on one to appear approachable and create a more friendly brand tone of voice. Innocent Drinks do this perfectly with their witty back and fourth.


As a Social Media Executive, what Streams searches would you recommend?