Content Trends by : The Start-up Founder - Textile Design

Content Trends by : The Start-up Founder - Textile Design

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February 28th, 2021

Content Trends by : The Start-up Founder - Textile Design



Company :   Annie Allison Designs :

Insta : @annieallisondesigns

Linkedin : @annie-allison-2719173b




My career began as a charity fundraiser but then moved into account management for online design agencies.  I eventually worked my way up to Client Services Director which I enjoyed but always wanted to do something more creative. More recently, I’ve been designing wallpaper and fabrics in my signature pared back style from drawings using pen & ink. My designs are inspired by the natural environment and my love for the great outdoors which is reflected in my chosen palette of earthy hues and fresh tones.  I am self-taught and have built my business around my passion for interiors, my love of illustration and blending natural textures and simple, understated design to create a tactile and earthy finish. Bringing the outside in is my philosophy and my influence comes from my favourite places and memories from my time spent on the North Norfolk coast to the mountain lakes in France to the Rutland countryside where I now live.


A beginner’s journey…


Firstly, I have to admit that accepting how important content generation is for a small business owner took time. I lacked confidence when it came to social media for fear of getting it wrong, so I dabbled intermittently without any real thought as to what I was doing. Then COVID hit and I had no choice but to get involved.  I started to follow different accounts, watching what they were doing and found ones that really stood out for me. Hannah from giftpop is great because she’s engaging, always fun to watch and you really get a sense of her brand and products without feeling like you’re constantly being sold to.


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In short, I started to get inspired by what others were doing but couldn’t quite find my groove. I already knew that in order for people to engage with me they needed to get to know me, easy right? No! I was struggling to ‘relax’ in to it, writing and then re-writing every post, trying to get the perfect shot, spending hours I didn’t have and getting nowhere. It was Jess Collins, a content writer and advocate of authenticity that hit a cord - being authentic is obviously more believable.


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However, it was Carla Beisinger’s free webinar on Instagram that really helped me turn a corner and simplified everything. By asking myself how could I get people to get to know, like and trust me, I finally had a mountain of creative content ideas where I had previously drawn a blank. It felt, in Jess’s words, authentic, because I was no longer struggling to try to ‘find’ content, it was there all along.  


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Fast forward a couple more weeks, and for the first time I’m more confident about what I’m doing and that good, creative content through powerful social media channels does help get a small business like mine heard, hopefully for the right reasons. It’s very early days and I’ve a long way to go, but it’s a start.


As a Start-up Founder, what Streams searches would you recommend?