Finding Great Stories in Data

Finding Great Stories in Data

Team Streams

September 30th, 2021

Finding Great Stories in Data

What is our top content writing tip for 2021? Tell data-driven stories. And it's not only us who think so:

“Data-driven storytelling is poised to be the next big trend in content marketing.” Harvard Business Review.

Having access to large data sets as marketers means you have access to great stories that can inspire your content writing – you just have to find them. 

It’s not as difficult as you might think. Yes, large sets of data can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you find what is worth sharing? The key is to filtering your data to find the stories worth telling.

In this article, we will share our top content writing tips for finding great stories in data. How you can filter your data and why using data in your content is great for converting customers. 


How to Find A Story In Your Data


Data is just numbers until a storyteller gets their hands on it. If you present a spreadsheet of data to a potential lead they will be yawning and looking up your competitors before you have started explaining what it means. 

Your job as a content marketer is to sift through those spreadsheets and find interesting information. Then you present it to customers in an exciting way. 

But what data is considered interesting? Here are five narratives you can search for within your data:

What trends can you see in your data? Patterns of increased or decreased usage or consumption can be interesting to users. Especially when they are unexpected or can be attributed to a cause.

Consumers around the world love to know who is the best at a particular thing. For example, a great piece of ranked content is Forbes Worlds Most Valuable Brands. 


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How is one product or company fairing in comparison to another? Competition is always interesting for readers – it creates drama – and by using data you can make backed claims about how one thing compares to another. 

Does your data show you anything that you found really shocking? A surprise that you weren’t expecting? Data that challenges what people believe to be true is great because it creates conversation and challenges the status quo, creating intrigue for your audience. 

What correlations have you found in your data? How does one outcome affect another? 


Why You Should Use Data In Your Content Writing


We think the best content writing tip we can give is to tell you to find stories in your data. But why does data work so well in content marketing? 


Persuasive And Engaging

There are several benefits to data storytelling but one of the top ones is that you can make your content persuasive and engaging. 

You get to back up your content from all sides but present it in a way that is much more engaging than showing raw data alone. 

One study by Stanford professor Chip Heath showed that 63% of participants could remember stories, yet only 5% could recall a statistic. By using storytelling you get to present your data in a way that will be remembered. 


Original Content

When you use your own data to tell a story, you know that your story will be original. In a world where there is a constant stream of content being outputted, having an original story means you are more likely to catch the attention of your audience. 

Your data also helps you come up with content ideas. In the saturated world of content, sometimes it is easy to hit a brick wall. Every time you think you have a great idea, you Google it and see that the content has already been created. By using data to look for stories, you can ensure that your marketing team generates exciting and original content. 


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