How To Use Social Media To Drive a Better Customer Experience Strategy

How To Use Social Media To Drive a Better Customer Experience Strategy

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August 16th, 2021

How To Use Social Media To Drive a Better Customer Experience Strategy

Retention can often fall to the wayside when you're focused on growth. 61% of retail companies cite customer retention as their biggest challenge. One of the biggest obstacles in retention is providing a consistent and excellent customer experience.

This is why you need a customer experience strategy. Many customers now look to communicate with businesses on social media. Leveraging your social channels is a great way to improve your customer experience strategy and in turn retention. But you need to do it right.

In this article, we cover three top strategies that use social media to level up your customer experience. 


Strategy 1: Offering the Online Communication That Your Customers Prefer


What social channels are your business using? 

Maybe you’ve soared to success on one platform and thought you did not need to grow on others. Or perhaps you assumed that your target audience was not using that platform. 

To build a great customer experience you need to offer your customers the online communication that they prefer. 

How do you do this?

1. Understand how your business performs across multiple social media channels.

  1. Set up accounts on multiple platforms and analyse how content is received through in-app analytics.

2. Learn what channels your users prefer. 

  1. You can conduct surveys, take polls on your social accounts, and review your analytics to see where you are getting the most engagement. 

3. Understand how to interact with your audience on their preferred channels.

  1. There are different forms of communication. You can test various options and see which get the best results. Automated chatbots, DMs, Tweets, FB groups are just a few of the options you can start with. 


Social media for customer experience


Strategy 2: Rapid Responses 


Think of a time you had a bad customer experience with a brand. Was a part of the bad experience that they took forever to respond to you? Probably. 

There is nothing more frustrating to customers than wanting to fix a solution and having to wait a long time for a response. 

Autoresponders are your business's new best friend. They will be one of the most useful tools in your customer experience strategy. 

You can create autoresponders for many of the frequently asked questions you receive from customers. This will lead your customers to get an answer quickly providing them with a great experience.

If the autoresponders do not answer your customer's question, they can be connected to an agent. The idea is that many of your customers' questions will be answered, freeing up your customer service team's time, and allowing them to respond quickly to more complicated questions.  


Strategy 3: Use Social Media To Make A Good Impression


If your customer is coming to you with a problem, they probably don't have the best perception of your business. You can use social media in your customer experience strategy to make a better second impression. 

By providing a great customer experience and quickly finding a solution, you can immediately change a customer's perception and even change them into a brand advocate

Facing angry customers is no walk in the park. When those customers make their complaints public, such as by sending an angry tweet it becomes even more difficult to navigate delivering a good customer experience. 

However, you can turn these difficult situations into opportunities. 

By making an effort to respond quickly and delivering a top customer experience, this presents your brand in a shining light not only to the customers but to all the social media users that view your response.

Craft an honest response. If you made a mistake, take ownership of it. Offer a solution. This can be a way to fix the mistake. You could also offer compensation for trouble caused or a free upgrade. 


To Sum Up


A successful customer experience strategy will help you retain customers. Social media should be one of the prominent tools within your strategy. Find the platforms that your audience is spending time on. Then make sure to have a strategy in place to respond to customers quickly and produce a solution. 


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Social media is not only a great tool for customer experience but also for establishing your brand as a thought leader. You can share high-quality content that your audience will love and demonstrate that you are the go-to resource for information in your industry. For help with content curation strategy, sign up for a 14 day free trial of Streams.