B2B Content Marketing: 4 Best Types of Educational Content Your Brand Can Create

B2B Content Marketing: 4 Best Types of Educational Content Your Brand Can Create

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September 8th, 2021

B2B Content Marketing: 4 Best Types of Educational Content Your Brand Can Create

B2B content marketing needs to include educational content. 

B2B products are often much more complicated than B2C products and they have higher price points. As such leads take longer to nurture and can sit in your content marketing funnel for a while. 

Educational content has consistently proved to be a huge asset in moving leads through B2B content marketing funnels. 

Not sure what type of educational content you should be creating? Here are four great examples to get you inspired. 


Using Education in B2B Content Marketing


Before we jump into the examples, let’s quickly talk about why educational content has such an impact on B2B marketing. 

Teach don’t sell.

This is the motto you need to adopt with your B2B content marketing. Educational content is a huge driver of qualified leads. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 77% of B2B marketers use educational content to nurture their leads – because it works.


B2b content marketing


By providing educational content for your audience, you do the following:


Leverage Your Blog


Your blog is an obvious and simple place to start with creating educational content. 

For example, Mint is a financial institution that helps its users manage all their transitions in one place. 


B2b content marketing funnel


They use their blog to consistently share useful advice their audience appreciates. They talk about a variety of topics that all come back to the overall mission of helping users manage their money. 

They get creative and talk about things their users will find useful and use in the day-to-day. Everything from how to create an exercise plan without splurging on a cross-trainer or expensive personal trainer to a guide to understanding how inflation affects your home value. 


Write an FAQ


Every B2B website can justify an FAQ page. 

Your product or industry is likely complicated. Give your users a simple space where they can quickly find answers to many common questions they might have. 

Your FAQ allows you to quickly address any issues or questions that your potential or existing customers may have. It shows you care about your customers and presents your company as open and honest.

You can provide quick insight on how to use your product and answer questions about your industry.

A great example of an FAQ page comes from Adobe. 

It breaks its FAQ up into sections making it easy for users to find the information they need.  


B2b content marketing funnel


In addition, they give simple answers. Users can quickly find the information they need and don’t have to spend hours reading through manuals or get told to contact support.


Convert b2b leads


Create Mission-Based Educational Content 

In today's social climate, your brand is likely looking to align with customers beyond the product that you sell. 

Educating audiences about the values behind your business and the social impacts that you are having is a great way to build trust and connect with your audience over shared values. 


Case Studies Convert


We live in a data driven world. You can say that your product will have a specific impact on your potential customer, but why should they believe you?

Case studies show social proof and affirm that your product delivers on its promises. Sharing data and giving real-world examples of tangible impacts your product has had is a great way to persuade leads to make a purchase. You can also use case studies to educate the audiences on all the ways that they can use your product to get the best results. 

Case studies are essential B2B content marketing because they convert so well. According to the Demand Gen Report, case studies convert at the highest rate of any content type (78%). 


To Sum Up


Educational content is an important part of B2B marketing. With lengthy buying processes, you need valuable and persuasive content to convert your leads. Using case studies, FAQs and informative blog posts, you can share value with your audience and nurture them through your sales funnel. 


See inspirations here:


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