How is TikTok Impacting the Esports and Gaming Industry?

How is TikTok Impacting the Esports and Gaming Industry?

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February 2nd, 2022

How is TikTok Impacting the Esports and Gaming Industry?

eSports teams are global brands. One thing they lack, that other sports teams have, is a home crowd. Social media plays a huge role in making up for this gap and attracting new fans for eSports teams.

Numerous social media platforms are impacting the eSports and gaming industry, such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. However, there is one that is having a greater impact than the rest – TikTok. 

In this post, we look at how TikTok became so popular and the ways in which it is helping the eSports industry grow. 


TikTok's Rise To Power


TikTok only launched in 2017 and yet it was the seventh-most downloaded app of the 2010s

This short-form video platform has become one of the most powerful social media apps around. As millions of young followers have fallen in love with the app, it's a perfect platform for eSports teams to attract new fans.

The built-in video editing features make it easy to create engaging videos that hook viewers within just a few seconds.


Gen Z Have Become Obsessed With eSports


Gen Z has become obsessed with eSports and makes up a much larger percentage of eSports audiences than other generations. 35% of Gen Z identify as eSports fans compared to only 19% of all adults. This shows a marked change in the way generations are viewing sports. eSport is the only sport in which Gen Z over index fans relative to the general public. 

As an eSports brand or betting brand, TikTok is the platform you should be creating content for. As content is short-form, it is often easy to get started by simply repurposing and recycling longer-form content that exists on YouTube. 

You can also create short-form highlights from major tournaments or short simple esports tutorials for your games.


TikTok Is Creating New Gaming Experiences


Esports fanbases congregate on TikTok. Gaming content on TikTok is often made up of mostly clips from games, highlights, and news videos. However, TikTok’s new CEO, Kevin Mayer, has said that he wants to expand the reach of gaming and esports on the social media platform. 

For example, back in October 2020, TikTok went into a partnership with FIFA 21-based esports team Tundra. FIFA content has generated over 3.3 billion views on TikTok. Since this first partnership, we've seen major video game developers such as ESL start having a larger presence on TikTok.


A New Wave Of Influencers 


It's not only big eSport gaming brands that are benefiting from their TikTok marketing strategy. Individual players and esports influencers are also accumulating huge followings. At the time of writing, Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha has 5.7 million TikTok followers.

Some of the most popular eSport TikTokers who you can look to for content inspiration include:

As an eSports gaming company, you can partner with Influencers on TikTok s to advertise your games. Having user-generated content for your games (videos of influencers playing) is a great way to drive interest around your games. You can also get influencers to participate in paid promotions where they demonstrate your game to their followers. 


To Sum Up


TikTok is a relatively new platform in comparison to other video content platforms such as YouTube and Twitch and social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. However, it has taken off with such a boom that if you are an eSports brand, you need a TikTok strategy to reach the Gen Z audiences that will engage with your games. 

See inspirations here:


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