How to build a digital marketing super team in 2021

How to build a digital marketing super team in 2021

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June 21st, 2021

How to build a digital marketing super team in 2021

The realm of marketing has greatly transformed, gone are the days where mass conglomerates control the market by paying the biggest dime for splashiest ads across radio, print and television. The rise of the internet caused an increase in ways to reach a variety of consumers, with marketing moving away from a one size fits all ideology, to be more strategic and responsible in approach.

With so many moving parts at work in the upkeep of brand awareness in this spiders web of digitization, you need a range of skilled practitioners on hand to cover all the bases when it comes to digital marketing in 2021.


Digital Marketing, how to build a super team 2021


The Boss


Head of Marketing: Somebody needs to have the final say on what content goes live, what influencers to use, or brands to collaborate with. Their perspective is different to that of a manager in that their core objectives revolve around maintaining the brand’s image, and making sure content adheres to specific guidelines. Ironically, they might not be the most digital marketing savvy on the team because they see beyond that scope, but those needs lie elsewhere.


The Manager


Digital Marketing Manager: The Jack/Jill of all trades, the person in this role knows a little bit about everything. They speak every jargon so flip between meetings with designers, analysts and talent with ease. They’ll have come up through the digital marketing ranks excelling in more than one skillset meaning they have a broader understanding of how all the roles and their outputs come together to form the whole.  


The Analyst


Data Scientist/Analyst: You might have tools running to measure campaign results - but do you have a team member who can translate those figures? A Data Analyst not only understands the data being churned out from a wealth of platforms but can tweak key insights with a few swift keystrokes, and produce easy to understand reports. They will be able to see problems in the collected data and solutionize them to create a better output not just for campaigns but your brand’s organic mentions.


The Wordsmith


Content Editor: A multilayered role that surrounds the copy that goes into any content requiring the written word, from long-form blog posts to Instagram captions and video scripts. A great content editor will have an adaptable tone to generate text for different platforms and their audiences. You need someone who will deliberate over the correct placement of the Oxford comma examines how it could change tone or capture and maintain the attention of your audience to make the right kind of lasting impression.  


How to build a digital marketing super team



The Designer


Digital Designer: We have become more and more visual as an audience in the last decade, and from a marketing perspective, every colour, shape, and positioning of product, logo or text can make a person stop and scroll back, or keep going without pause. A great digital designer will be able to take in brand-specific requirements and follow creative instruction in order to generate a range of different content. This will range from infographics to posters and a mixture of other designs to catch wandering eyes.


The Paid One


Paid Ads Specialist: Every platform has a unique way to create and monitor paid ads using a range of metrics to target very specific audiences. When outlining your consumer requirements to a paid ads specialist, they will be able to turn your proposed output into direct quantifiable results. Much like The Analysts, they have a unique understanding of a range of platforms, and in case deliverables are not met, will be able to understand directly see what went amiss, and readjust to hit their mark the next time around.


The Optimized One


SEO Specialist: The fingers of an SEO Strategist falls in many pies. They know what a consumer is searching for, and make sure they find your brand amidst that search. Their research and findings are instrumental to a lot of the mediums within your digital marketing team but mostly to The Wordsmith. Though you may have a paid strategist aiding to get eyes on your ads, an SEO specialist will boost organic traffic for those pieces of content left to fend for themselves.


The Face


Brand Manager: Somewhere in between the responsibilities of The Boss and the skills of The Manager, The Face’s role is to bring in new clients, encourage partnerships, and cultivate relationships across the field. They have a keen understanding of the brand’s image and can understand the analytics behind deciding whether or not to pursue a collaboration.

How we market is constantly changing, and it’s important to have a flexible team and a leader who is open to embracing these changes - especially if it can reach the right audience and increase brand awareness.

Although the above-mentioned roles are key for a marketing team, some of them can be combined or downsized, to be built over time, especially for new businesses who are finding their stride in their market.


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