How To Write a Good Tweet: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

How To Write a Good Tweet: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

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July 5th, 2021

How To Write a Good Tweet: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Is your Twitter marketing not delivering the results you were hoping for? You tweet consistently and interact with your audience, but still, engagement is low. The problem could be the quality of your tweets. But, how do you write a good tweet?

In this article, we will explain how to craft a top tweet that your audience will love and engage with. We also share some great examples from brands that are dominating on Twitter. 


What Do Users Want From Brands On Twitter?


Before we deconstruct how to write a good tweet, we must first think about what Twitter users want from a tweet. 

Twitter users expect a variety of things from brands on Twitter, such as:

Your customers are there, ready to interact with, advocate for, and purchase from your brand. You simply need to learn how to write a good tweet so you can give them the content they need to engage. 


How to Write a Good Tweet


With over 500 million tweets published every day, standing out is key to writing a good tweet. While there is no secret formula to writing a great Tweet, and if you try to use one, your tweets might start sounding robotic or ingenuine, there are some top tips we can give you for how to write a good tweet.


Understand Voice and Tone

Voice and tone are two different aspects of writing that any social media manager needs to understand. Your brand voice does not change. However, your tone varies based on the topic you are discussing. 

Having a consistent voice will help you build trust. Your audience will know what they are going to get when they follow you and this will help you generate more positive engagement around your tweets.

Having an appropriate tone will help you start conversations. Keep things professional without being overly formal and don't use technical terms in your tweets unless necessary. 


Talk to People, Not at Them

The point of a social network is to socialise. Part of writing a good tweet includes opening up or responding to a conversation. 

Talk to your audience, not at them. Reply to your @mentions, both the positive and negative ones. Remember to also be as responsive as possible. Don't leave your followers waiting days for responses, try to respond within a few hours. 


How to write a good tweet


Use Numbers and Data

Numbers are a great way to be specific in your tweets and catch your audience's eye. For example, if you shared a Tweet that read “Check out these great content creation tips,” and another “17 Amazing Tips To Save Your Time On Content Creation,” which do you think your audience would rather click on? 

Probably the second one, right? 


Use Media

Twitter integrates a bunch of great media options – so use them. Plain text can get boring. Get creative with your tweets. Start incorporating gifs, images, and videos. You can take polls to include your audience in your tweets and start conversations. You can hold audio-only chat rooms with your audience in Spaces.



Incorporate Humour 

Using humour in your content is a great way to increase engagement. Writing tweets that get a laugh will also make new audiences pay attention to your brand. While you can use Twitter to generate revenue, showing that your brand is not all about the hard sales, but also has a human side is a great objective to have on the platform.  



Provide Customer Care

Another tactic for how to write a good tweet is incorporating customer care. There is probably a large section of your audience that dreads the idea of picking up the phone and calling customer service. So why not give them another option? 

Twitter has become a go-to channel for customer service for many brands. You should look to mirror the customer's language and be conversational in your responses. You can also think about having a standard list of answers for the most common questions you receive but then ensure that each response is changed slightly to make it unique. 


To Sum Up

Twitter is a top social media marketing channel when done right. Follow the above guidelines and you will write top quality and engaging tweets in no time. 

Twitter is a channel that demands a lot of content. You can't be expected to post original ideas 20 times a day but you can use curated content to help you provide value to your audience and post consistently. 


See inspirations here:


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