3 Examples of Companies Who Nailed LinkedIn Marketing

3 Examples of Companies Who Nailed LinkedIn Marketing

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August 26th, 2021

3 Examples of Companies Who Nailed LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing can lead to huge successes in boosting brand awareness, recruiting top employees, and generating leads – especially in the B2B space. Professionals are coming to LinkedIn in huge numbers and they are coming with a purpose – to engage and learn. 

It is such a popular and powerful platform that 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content marketing efforts.

By taking control of your LinkedIn marketing you can boost your brand. You can share high-quality content that positions you as an expert and thought leader. This increases awareness around your brand and makes your profile the first place people go to when they have a question about your industry. 

In this article, we will share with you three brands that are nailing their LinkedIn marketing in different ways. From building communities and sharing high-quality content to running enticing ads. These top companies can help inspire your next LinkedIn marketing strategy. 


LinkedIn Company Page: Unilever


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Unilever has a product for almost everything in the consumer goods space. But rather than promote its products on its LinkedIn profile, it uses the space to promote its community and sustainability initiatives. 

Unilever makes use of all the features available on a business profile. They share upcoming events, videos, page posts, and promote current vacancies. 

The value of setting up a profile like this is that it gives users a chance to peek behind the curtain. You can see what Unilever's values are as an organisation and build a connection with them over shared interests and values. 


LinkedIn Marketing With Ads: WeWork


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We live in a world where attention spans are becoming ever shorter. Keeping ads brief and simple will help you see the best results. 

WeWorks Linkedin Marketing campaigns are impressive because they do a lot with a little. 

The text is engaging and attention-grabbing. They specifically speak to their audience – in London, freelance to Fortune 500 workers – and they clearly state what your benefit is – being empowered to do your best work. 

There is also a clear CTA ‘Visit a WeWork Office in London.’ This and the landing page that the user is taken to make it simple for the user to take action and find a WeWork to visit near them.  


LinkedIn Content Marketing: BlackRock 


BlackRock is a financial investment firm that has publicly stated that LinkedIn generates tens of millions of dollars for them a year. 

BlackRock is a brand that has nailed LinkedIn marketing. They create sophisticated and topical content that sparks engagement from their audience. 

They regularly ask for audience participation in polls. You will often see the outcomes of these poles then influence the future content they create. 


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Building content around what your audience wants to see and learn about is key to success on LinkedIn. Taking polls is a great way to gain those insights. 

In addition, they take note of national and international news and use their platform to keep their followers in the know. The business goes one step further than simply sharing valuable new content. Someone from the company often also shares a unique insight or opinion that helps start a new conversation with the audience. 


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To Sum Up 


LinkedIn Marketing is no walk in the park. But it's also not rocket science. There are many ways you can use LinkedIn to build your brand and one of the best is by positioning yourself as a thought leader by sharing valuable content. In addition to this, it is important to have your business profile setup well and use ads to complement your organic content. 


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Social media is not only a great tool for customer experience but also for establishing your brand as a thought leader. You can share high-quality content that your audience will love and demonstrate that you are the go-to resource for information in your industry. For help with content curation strategy, sign up for a 14 day free trial of Streams.