Essential Marketing Channels For Your Small Business in 2021

Essential Marketing Channels For Your Small Business in 2021

Team Streams

May 7th, 2021

Essential Marketing Channels For Your Small Business in 2021

There are so many marketing channels to choose from these days. If you are overwhelmed by options and don’t know which ones to adopt, don’t worry you're not alone. All small business owners have been there.

You don't want to spread yourself too thin and try to take them all on. It is better to pick a few and do them well than do many, and do them poorly.

If you are stuck trying to figure out what marketing channels will work best for your business, don’t worry, we have you covered. In this article, we will cover the essential marketing channels small businesses need to adopt in 2021. 


Business Website


First and foremost, if you have a business, you need a business website, and it should be the centre of your marketing

A business website is a great tool to grow your business and share your brand. It is one of the only channels of marketing where you have complete control over the message you share and the form in which you share it. 

Unlike posting on platforms such as Medium or social media such as Instagram, you don't have to adhere to specific guidelines or have the possibility that your platform and following may be taken away. 




Another great reason to have a business website is for search engine traffic. If you have a business website, SEO is a marketing channel your small business should invest in. 

SEO can sometimes be frustrating for small businesses as it is a long term marketing strategy and you often won't see a return on investment until at least 6 months down the line. But stick with it, the returns you will see in the future more than makeup for the frustration in the beginning. In fact, 51% of marketers say that SEO is the marketing channel that gives them the best ROI.


Marketing channels for small business 


Email Marketing


It’s 2021, do people still use email? The short answer is yes, and it's an excellent marketing channel for small businesses. Other channels and new messaging platforms have arisen over the years, but email still plays a key role in marketing. 

It is a common misconception that emails are treated like junk mail. Sent out and never opened. However, according to Oberlo, the average open rate of a welcome email is 82%. Emails are well received by users and 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel.

Email lists can be simple to grow through your website and social media. As a marketing channel, they are fairly budget-friendly making them great for small businesses. You don't need huge funds to design flashy graphics and videos. You can start with a few basic templates or even send out plain text emails.


What marketing channels should you adopt?


Local Marketing


Local marketing is key for small businesses. It is the marketing channel you use to target an audience or community that is near to your location. This is mostly relevant to brick and mortar stores, restaurants, hair salons, plumbers etc. 

However, it can also be relevant if your store is completely online. “Support local businesses” has become a huge movement over the past year due to national lockdowns and many small businesses struggling financially. As such many people are looking to support smaller businesses over national brands. Taking advantage of this sentiment and pushing your local marketing channel could be of huge benefit to you.


Content Curation


Content curation is a marketing channel incorporated in your content marketing. If you are not familiar with the difference between the two, go check out our blog post on content curation vs content creation and then come back. 

The time and money it takes to create content to share with your audience every day is not a viable option for most small businesses. Having a strong content curation strategy can help you work around this. You can provide valuable content to your audience that supports and compliments your original content without extensive time and resources needed. 

You can share top content from influencers and industry leaders that will provide valuable insights for your audience. You can update them with the latest news and share new data as it emerges. 

There are some great tools out there that assist with content curation, we even have our own called Streams. It helps you search for well-performing content across the web, based on keywords and delivers available insights such as keyword analysis, content sentiment and the number of social shares.


To Sum Up


Small businesses have a lot to think about when investing in marketing channels. You have to approach the channels that will get you the best results for your budget and that will appeal most to your audience. However there are some key channels that all small businesses should consider. Email marketing and content curation have become the foundation of many successful businesses marketing, so why not give them a shot? 


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