What is Mobile Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

What is Mobile Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

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January 9th, 2022

What is Mobile Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

We are in the age of mobile – but that's not news to anyone. Mobile has become the primary device for most consumers. So why is it that many marketers are still not fully utilising the potential that mobile marketing offers?

Mobile marketing is more than simply making your website mobile friendly and incorporates all the various multi-channel marketing that can be delivered on a mobile device. 

In this post, we will cover in detail what mobile marketing is and why you should be using it. 


What Is Mobile Marketing?


Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy. The goal of mobile marketing is to reach your customers on all their mobile devices such as phones, tablets and more. 

Some of the most popular mobile marketing channels include:

In an age where consumers have numerous devices and have high expectations for personalised marketing from brands, being able to provide a seamless customer experience across mobile devices is essential to success. 

As data collected over different devices can become fragmented, it is essential to have a mobile marketing strategy to ensure the best customer experience. You don't want to deliver inconsistent messaging or irrelevant campaigns to a user because they have switched devices and you are not combining their data across devices.


Why Do You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy?


There are numerous reasons why you should be putting a greater focus on your mobile marketing. Here are just a few: 


Accurate Location-Based Content

Mobile devices are mobile. Users take them with them wherever they go. This gives marketers the ability to deliver location-based content that is based on reliable data that is updated in real-time. 

According to Social Media Today, almost half of all Google searches are now for local information. Almost three-quarters of these local searches then lead to in-store visits within a 5-mile radius. 

When people are out and about they use their mobile devices to search for information on the go. Mobile marketing is the best way to reach these people. Consumers searching for local information on the go have a high chance of converting which makes mobile marketing a great investment. 


A Personalised Experience

Mobile marketing provides a way for you to drive engagement with customers who are looking for new ways to connect with your brand.

You can use the existing data you have about your customers to provide them with unparalleled personalisation that follows them across to their mobile devices. 

For example, you can use your first-party data to ensure your customer's communications are consistent. For example, making sure that their email inboxes and mobile notifications work in tandem and provide value to them. 


Increase Brand Loyalty

Repeat sales are key for most businesses' success. Mobile marketing is great at creating repeat customers and increasing brand loyalty.

For example, you can create a mobile app for your brand. This gives you a direct way to interact with your customers, lets you collect first-party data, and provides a great customer experience for your audience. You can reward customer loyalty through your app and incentivise your audience to make repeat purchases.

You can build a mobile community and grant access to locked content or a special VIP area within your app or mobile website for your loyal customers. Through your app, you can build your brand and get a direct line to new prospects and existing customers. By building a mobile space for your customers, you show you value them and they will keep coming back. 


Increasingly Fast Wifi and Mobile Data Speeds 

With unlimited data plans and fiber optic wifi becoming the norm, users can now consume as much content as they want on mobile without being slowed down.

This increases the range of mobile marketing that you can invest in. Video streaming, high-quality images and other large files, no longer are a hindrance for users to download. Videos buffer at a rapid pace and images load in an instant. 

Your marketing team has greater creative freedom and can create more engaging content that covers various mediums to see the best results. 


To Sum Up


Mobile marketing is not new. However, as smartphone usage grows and devices have more functionality, it is important to revisit your mobile marketing strategy regularly. This is a space that is constantly changing and strategies that once would have been unsuccessful due to slow internet speeds or device capabilities (such as video) are now a necessity for any brand waiting to provide a seamless and high-quality experience that drives loyalty. 


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