More Marketing Ideas to Consider

More Marketing Ideas to Consider

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March 12th, 2021

More Marketing Ideas to Consider

We’ve seen a seismic shift in consumer behaviour over the last 12 months and marketing tactics are changing as consumer habits have altered, with content playing the leading role. Whilst audience engagement across social media platforms continue to rise and the use of using blogs, video and voice content is seeing exponential growth in marketing,  there are of course other ways to reach new audiences and  build trust and loyalty from current ones. However, it can often feel like you are circling the drain when it comes to deciding on a marketing strategy for your next campaign. If that’s the case it’s time to consider alternative marketing strategies that won’t take away from your current roster, but will also  see a boost in audience reach and engagement.


Email Marketing


This might not sound like the sexiest marketing strategy but that doesn’t mean it’s not still highly effective. 80% of business cite email marketing as being an effective means of organically retaining their customers. 

Depending on your business services email marketing can be used for anything from highlighting new products, sharing industry news and brand updates, or dropping the occasional discount code. 

With 73% of millennials saying they prefer correspondence with businesses via email, it goes to show that for that particular demographic, social media as a form of marketing isn’t the only way to gain and keep their attention.  


Table Meeting


Show That You Love What You Do


Brands and businesses can often come across as cold and faceless, churning out content with zero heart.  

Step out behind the velvet curtain and show your customers that you are just as enthusiastic about your products as they are. A great example of this is the team behind the Revolution Make Up brand intl/en/home who constantly show themselves testing new products, and spending time together as a team whether this is via video conference or in person. 

On top of this, the brand’s Founder Adam Minto regularly shows his face whether that’s by taking part in Instagram Lives or introducing experts to talk more about what’s going on at Revolution Beauty. As such their users often feel like part of Team Revolution which fosters loyalty based authenticity. 

There is a healthy organicness to being open about loving what you do. It can’t be curated and as such opens up a level of truth your audience will be able to resonate with.


Reward Loyalty


We are familiar with the regular incentivised discounts marketed towards gaining new customers, from food delivery services to  software brands etc. - but what about existing customers?

The marketing strategies of many brands are often so focused on bringing in an influx of new customers that they forget about retaining those they have. As a result long-serving users often resort to trolling the internet for discount codes or create multiple accounts to benefit from the occasional reduction.

Try adopting an additional CRM strategy that focuses solely on  the retention of existing customers, whether that is periodically emailing out discount codes for them to enjoy or inspiring them with news, updates and other informative content.  These little things will allow you to keep loyal customers happy and keep them coning back for more,  and encourage new customers to use your brand if they know they will be able to receive a continued incentive past their first purchase. 


Shake Hands




There are several ways to approach a partnership, but the crux of it is if you are a smaller brand to work with a larger one in order to elevate your own. Alternatively, you can work like for like in size with another organization that might have access to a demographic you want to reach. 

An example of the former is the Balmain x H&M collaboration which saw the French couture brand selling their products on the high street, at more affordable prices. The benefit for H&M was that they were able to expand their range to include high fashion alongside their fast fashion clothing. Balmain on the other hand benefited by receiving an injection of relevancy as a few of their target demographics overlapped with H&M’s. 

Both household names, the Uber x Spotify partnership seems unnecessary, however, the idea behind their campaign, which enabled those riding with Uber to be their own DJ by connecting their personal playlists via Spotify allowed both brands to expand their audiences. 

Either way, be strategic when thinking about forging a partnership with another brand, what area of your company will it help, does it move your company forward not backwards and will it mean that you will still be able to retain your existing customers. In whichever way you aim your strategy, the temporary relationship should prove mutually beneficial. 






On the lower end of the Influencer tiers, a micro-influencer is somebody with an account that has between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. One of the major benefits of working with a micro-influencer is that they typically have a stronger relationship with their audiences than say macro-influencers and celebrities. 

The strength of their relationship with their followers is due to their brand being very niche as they start out. Micro-Influencers are often hobbyists grown to specialists on a specific subject which can be anything from baking to travel to pets to art. Their early followers are often like-minded which assures you direct access to your target audience. 

With new influencers popping up every day, and existing ones rising through the tiers at a fast rate, it’s easy to find one that will work well with your brand and your budget.


Be sure to have objectives and goals for every kind of marketing campaign and the metrics in place to measure how successful they have been so that you are easily  able to switch up or switch down those  channels that have been successful or not.  


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