Podcast Topics: 4 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Episodes

Podcast Topics: 4 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Episodes

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July 20th, 2021

Podcast Topics: 4 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Episodes

Podcasts have been around for a while, but have recently seen a surge in popularity. According to the Infinite Dial survey, conducted in 2021, 28% of people listen to a podcast once a week. Podcasts are a great content medium but it can sometimes be a struggle to think of podcast topics. 

With many podcasts already existing, how can you find engaging podcast topics that your audience will love? In this post, we will share four podcast topic ideas to help you get inspired. 


Podcast Topics: Think About Your Audience


Before we jump into podcast topic ideas, you first need to think about who you are creating your content for.

Who are your listeners? You are creating content for them so your podcasts need to cover topics that they will be interested in. 

You can look in various places for data around your audience. You can check the analytics on the podcast hosting platform you use such as Spotify, BuzzSprout or Podbean. You may also have a social media following or a website in which case you can look to your social media analytics or Google Analytics for data. 

Some data you will want to look for includes: 


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4 Podcast Topic Ideas


Let's jump right in. Here are some ideas to inspire your next podcast topic. 


1. Reviews

Product and content reviews have become an increasingly popular form of content. On YouTube, several successful channels focus solely on reviewing products within their industry, for example, tech. 

This content can transfer well to the podcast medium. You can think of podcast topics that review products, services or content that your users would find helpful. For example, if you are a business that creates content around the finance industry, you could create a podcast that reviews several credit cards and which ones are best for various lifestyle needs. 


2. Interviews

Get a guest on your podcast. Guest interviews are an excellent way to not only provide your audience with valuable insights, and new points of view. But they are also a great way to build your audience. Your guest will often promote their appearance on their podcast to their audience, giving your content greater exposure.

You can have a Q&A section. Before your podcast is recorded, let your audience know who your guest will be. Then ask on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram for your audience to submit questions they would like to be asked during the interview. This is a great way to boost engagement and ensure that your podcast topic brings value to your audience. 


3. Tell Your Brand Story

Create a podcast topic around your brand story. Share the history of your brand, what its purpose is and how it was established. You can get founders to submit voice clips that can be added in and you can tell funny anecdotes or include the struggles that your brand has had to overcome. These types of podcasts help to humanise your brand with your audience. They make you more relatable and help your audience better understand why you do what you do. 


4. Global News or Trends

Topical content is always a hit. Trends are trendy for a reason and creating content around current news or trends helps your brand stay relevant.  

For example, if your podcast centres around finance, a podcast topic you could discuss might be the trend of cryptocurrency. For an even more topical idea, you can incorporate breaking news. If there is a big spike or dip in the price of BitCoin, you can record a short podcast about it and try to get it released as soon as possible, while the news is still hot off the press. 


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To Sum Up 


Idea generation for podcast topics can be tough. You want to be relevant, give your audience value, and not simply repeat what has already been done. Follow the above four ideas and get inspired to create your next podcast. 


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