How To Use Push Notifications To Increase Your Mobile App Engagement

How To Use Push Notifications To Increase Your Mobile App Engagement

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November 18th, 2021

How To Use Push Notifications To Increase Your Mobile App Engagement

What is the best way to acquire  users for your app? This is a question you will find many marketers and executives asking. The key to any mobile app success comes  from both  the amount of new users, and also from the number of loyal users.

If you are trying to make a successful mobile app, push notifications are about to become your new best friend.

Retention is a key factor in your mobile app success and push notification will help you achieve it. But you have to approach push notifications with care. You need the right strategy, which won't be perceived as invasive. 

To help your mobile app soar to success, in this post we share our three favorite push notification strategies that are guaranteed to help you retain your users. 

According to Invesp, push notifications increase participation of users on mobile apps by 88%. In addition, 65% of users return to an app within 30 days of push activation. This demonstrates just how vital push notifications are to app user retention. So let's get started and dive right in to the best push notification strategies that you can implement on your mobile app.


Strategy 1: Segmentation


Your users will pay more attention to push notifications that are relevant to them. Sending out a push notification to all your users is a sure fire way to irritate some of your audience and make others feel undervalued while only making a small section interested and want to open your app.

You need to start segmenting your push notifications. Don’t send out generic notification to your entire audience but rather group your audience together into segments and send targeted messages. Depending on your mobile app you may want to segment your audience by location, age, hobbies, purchase history or any other relevant characteristic. 

For example, Netflix will often send out push notifications based on segments. They will bring to your attention new arrivals to their library based on your viewing history. Often these notifications are personalized, adding extra intrigue for users, for example say “New arrival for [insert name]” 


Push Notifications How To App Enagagement


Strategy 2: Size Optimisation


Mobile app push notifications are often displayed on a users lock screen or appear in the top section of the users screen if they are active on their device. 

You need to be conscious of size and the type of displayers your users are viewing your push notification on. 

Keep your text short and sweet. Avoid writing lengthy push notifications that waste users time and make sure that your point is clearly made.

Think of sending a push notification as the mobile equivalent of walking up to someone and patting them on the shoulder. If you are going to do it, you need to have something interesting and relevant to say. Otherwise, you will annoy your users which can result in them turning off push notifications or deleting your app.


Strategy 3: Test Your CTAs


Call to action (CTA) push notifications can be great at getting your users to a desired outcome. For example, if you have a travel app, your CTA might be “check-in immediately,” if you have an e-commerce app your CTA might be “Shop Now: 20% Off”

With CTAs (and push notifications in general) it is essential to test your copy. Determine which kind of copy works most effectively for your audience and each target segment. Test various versions of your CTA copy and review your app analytics to see which is performing better. 


To Sum Up


Push notifications are an essential user retention strategy for mobile apps. But you need to get them right. You don't want to irritate your users and you want to make sure they have the greatest impact. To achieve this it is important to be concise with your copy and test out various version to see which copy gets the most users to your desired outcome. 


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