Why Most Small Businesses Fail at Content Marketing

Why Most Small Businesses Fail at Content Marketing

Team Streams

April 3rd, 2021

Why Most Small Businesses Fail at Content Marketing

Is your small business content marketing strategy failing? Content marketing is hyped as being one of the most successful forms of marketing with over 90% of businesses using content to approach their customers. So, why do you feel like your strategy is ineffective? 

In this article, we cover the top reasons small businesses struggle with content marketing and how to overcome these issues.


Small businesses content marketing strategy


You Have Not Identified Your Audience


Not having a defined target audience is a big mistake small businesses can make in their content strategy. Defining your audience helps you focus on creating great content that your audience will enjoy. 

A mistake many make when they first start creating content is trying to please too many people. Having a wide target audience, or not targeting anyone in particular, means your content will not resonate with anyone. You will not build a connection between your business and your readers/viewers. 


Your Not Monitoring Your Results


The great thing about content is when it's digital it's fast and simple to measure the results. Before you publish content, set a goal for it. Do you want it to generate traffic, rank for a keyword, drive email signups etc? 

You can then use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console (both free), and more to monitor how well the content is performing. You can then use these insights to drive the creation of future content. If a type of content failed to meet its goal, review why that might be and make changes for the next piece of content you publish. 


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You Don't Have a Long Term Focus


A problem many small businesses encounter with their content strategy is a lack of long term focus and comparing their results to competitors. 

You see another business generate great returns from a piece of content. They get a lot of engagement and this leads to sales. So, why did that new piece of content that you published not deliver the same?

In general, a content marketing strategy is a long term strategy. You will probably have to wait 6 months, or maybe a little longer to start seeing results. And you have to stay consistent with your content in that time, even when you are not getting the engagement and results you wanted. 

Have patience. And in the meantime, you can also incorporate other marketing strategies that will deliver short term results (such as pay-per-click ads) to help compensate for sales while you wait for your content marketing strategy to deliver. 


You Are Not Promoting Your Content


Your content can be 5-star, top quality, best on the internet. But, if no one sees it, it is basically useless. 

Promotion needs to play a role in your content marketing strategy. The need for promotion becomes even more important if you are a newer small business. When you don't have a loyal following you need to use promotion through influencers, contributing to communities, and more to help get your brand and content in front of your target audience. 


Your Content is Low Quality


For your content to perform well, it needs to be high-quality content, and speak to your audience. If you are not seeing good results, it might be time to review your content and see if the quality is up to scratch.

This does not simply reflect the contents of your content. Think about how it is presented. Is it easy to understand? Have you included visuals? Is the content broken up? Are you using a tone that speaks to your audience? 

Then start making an effort to discover what content your audience wants to see (rather than simply content you want to create) and deliver it to them. 

Creating a small business content marketing strategy that is successful requires more than just content. You also need to think about monitoring analytics, promotions, and audience research. Many small businesses fail with their content because they are not targeting the right people, at the right time, in the right place – don’t be one of them.


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