The 7 Best Content Marketing Tools For Small Businesses in 2021

The 7 Best Content Marketing Tools For Small Businesses in 2021

Team Streams

April 1st, 2021

The 7 Best Content Marketing Tools For Small Businesses in 2021

Content marketing tools are a great way to give your marketing strategy a leg up. They save time, give you new information, and help you create stellar content. 

As a small business owner, you may be more budget confined than big businesses. But not to worry, there are a tonne of great content marketing tools for small businesses that have free or budget plans. Here are eight of our favourite tools that you should use to boost your content marketing in 2021. 


Google analytics as a content marketing tool


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is 100% free. If it is not installed on your site, stop what you are doing, email your website developer or IT guy and have them add it to your website right now. 

If you have it installed on your site but aren't really using it, you are letting a huge amount of useful data go to waste. 

Google tracks a lot of interesting information about your site visitors. You can check things like:

How many people visited your site over a period of time

Where your visitors are coming from (ads, social media, organic search results, etc)

What geographic location your visitors are in, what age they are, their gender and more

How long users spend on each page of your site

And that is just scratching the surface. The reports offered can give you a great deal of insights that you can use to create more effective content that will get engagement from your audience. 


Google Search Console


Google Search Console is another free content marketing tool from Google that pairs well with GA (Google Analytics). 

It's a great tool for tracking the performance of your content, and where your websites SEO rankings are. 




Trello is not a specifically content marketing tool. However it can help your content marketing efforts by keeping your team organised and making sure content is going out on time. 

You can set up a content marketing board on trello and invite members of your team to collaborate. You can create columns to give yourself visibility on where content is in the creation process. For example, is it in idea generation, or ready to publish, or somewhere in the middle. 

You can also assign cards to your teams so there is accountability for content and set due dates so content is always published on time. 




Like Trello, Slack is not a content marketing tool but can be used as a tool for content marketing. Slack is a communication tool. 

While many teams are working remotely due to lockdowns, it is a great way to keep in touch with everyone who is working together in your team. Slack is a fast chat service. Its ability to set up channels and have direct messages means your teams can quickly resolve issues with each other and content won't get stuck in the creation pipeline. 




If your website is built in WordPress then Yoast is a content marketing tool you need to have. There is an awesome free version that can help you optimise your content for SEO

It gives you helpful tips about things like keyword density and sentence structure. It lets you know when you've missed your target keyword in headings and tells you when sentences are too long or confusing for a typical reader. 


Canva content marketing tool




Content marketing materials should normally include visuals. Whether a funky infographic, a header image for your blog or a social media graphic, visual content is a great compliment to your written content. 

Canva makes creating modern, and professional looking graphics easy, even if you don't have a degree in graphic design. The tool has a bunch of great templates to choose from that will help you get sizing and layout right and the easy to use interface means you can whip up a cool graphic in 15 minutes to go with your content. 


Streams content marketing tool




Idea generation is often the first step in the content marketing process. We don’t often like to blow our own trumpet, but here at Steams we developed an easy to use and budget friendly tool especially for small businesses to help with idea generation.

Our AI analyzes millions of articles every month to give you real-time content recommendations and helps you understand content trends. 

Content marketing tools are here to help small businesses. They can automate tasks to save time and give you great insights to help you create better content. And the great thing about all the tools on this list is they have free or budget plans available. 


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Streams even has a 7 day-free trial you can sign up for to test out the tool and see how it can help your content marketing strategy. Sign up now!