How to Keep On Top Of Social Media Trends in 2021

How to Keep On Top Of Social Media Trends in 2021

Team Streams

May 17th, 2021

How to Keep On Top Of Social Media Trends in 2021

Social media is constantly evolving. As a social media marketer, you need to keep on top of the changing trends in social media. However, you are probably wondering “How can I keep on top of changing trends and still have time to do my job?”

Staying on top of social media trends is a huge challenge for marketers. But it's not impossible. In this blog post, we will share with you some top tips for staying on top of trends, without eating up all of your workday.


Tips For Staying On Top Of Social Media Trends


Build a Twitter Stream 

The best place to find social media trends is on social media. However, you are probably following a lot of people and brands on your accounts and this makes your feed messy and hard to navigate.

One of the best social networks to stay on top of trends is Twitter. To keep your Twitter organised, you can build Twitter streams. Create a stream that follows social media hashtags. You can choose things like #smchat or #smm or #socialmedia.

To follow hashtags you:


Social media trends 2021 How to keep on top of social media trends


Now when you go to the search bar, your saved search will always appear in the dropdown menu.

In addition to this, you can follow topics. From the left hand menu, select Topics. On the Topics page, you will be offered suggestions for topics to follow. Select relevant topics, and tweets related to these topics will be added to your feed.

You can also click on the topic and see a feed of only content related to this topic.


Social media trend alerts


Subscribe to Top Blogs and Publications 

Read the top blogs and publications that share social media news, trends, and insights. For example, the Streams blog is updated with new articles every few days and we share lots of information about the latest trends and how your business can adapt to them.

Some other great social media blogs you can keep up with include:


Listen to Social Media Podcasts on Your Commute 

Finding time to consume content from Twitter or blogs might be difficult to squeeze into your already busy days. Especially when you are in the middle of planning an important new social campaign. One of the great things about podcasts is that they can be consumed on the go.

If you are in a rush or would rather listen to than read your content, subscribe to some of these podcasts and stay in the know about everything happening on social media.


Take Advantage of Your Social Media Savvy Friends 

If you have some friends that are glued to their phones, constantly uploading TikToks, and always know what is happening in the world, tap into this resource. Follow your social savvy friends on social media. Ask them about the latest trends, or to share videos and posts with you that they think are noteworthy.

If your friend's arent social savvy, maybe your kids are. You can also ask your kids to keep you on top of trends and let you know what is happening on social platforms. This is especially helpful if your product is aimed at a younger audience.


Get Social Trends Right To Your Inbox 

How many times a day do you check your inbox? I bet it's a lot. So why not have all the latest social media trends meet you there?

There are some great newsletters you can sign up for that will send you the most popular news and articles to your inbox every week, or even every day.


To Sum Up 

Staying on top of social trends is tough. Platforms and content are ever-evolving and being reactive to trends help you keep your audience engaged. But you don't have to worry about scouring all over social media every day to know what's happening. Get the news delivered to you. Sign up for your favourite form of media, whether it be podcasts or newsletters and get daily or weekly updates on everything you need to know.


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