Startup Marketing: How To Develop a Buyer Persona

Startup Marketing: How To Develop a Buyer Persona

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June 11th, 2021

Startup Marketing: How To Develop a Buyer Persona

Buyer personas are an essential part of startup marketing. They define your audience and help you get your product marketed to the right people. These fictional personas represent your real audience. Having a clear picture of who your audience is helps you effectively communicate and sell your product or service to them. 

According to Itsma, 90% of companies using personas can create a clearer understanding of their buyers. You know you want to create buyer personas to assist your startup marketing, but where do you start? 

As a startup, it can be hard to define your audience when you have not made any sales yet. In this article, we cover all you need to know about how to create a buyer persona to assist with your startup marketing, including how to source data about your audience. 


Gather Your Data


The first step in developing your buyer persona is gathering data. You need to think about what data you need. This will vary from startup to startup. Some examples of data you may think about including are:


Think about what relevant information your startup needs for its buyer person. It may be some or all of the above and there may be additional things you want to include that are specific to your industry or product. 

Take the time to clearly review what data you need. A poor understanding of your audience and your persona could be a reason why your content marketing fails in future. 


Start Small


Always aim for quality over quantity. It is better to have one excellent, well-researched, and useful buyer persona than three not-so-well researched and poorly-created personas. 

Poorly profiled personas that don’t have a good amount of detail or feed into stereotypes will not help your marketing efforts the way a detailed persona will. Start with one or two personas. Get them to a high quality and test them out. Once you have successful buyer personas that are actively improving your marketing campaign's performance, you can move on to creating more.


Buyer personas for startups


Use Social Listening


Social media can offer some great insight for startups looking to create a buyer persona. If your startup has any social media platform, you will be able to review the data in that platform's analytics. This can provide information about the people interacting with your brand and shine a light on new and interesting data about your audience.

You can also review mentions and hashtags around your startup. This will show you what people are saying about your product online. Reviews and comments from your customers are invaluable. Take the information that they are telling you and add it to your persona. For example, a user might tell you a way that your product has helped them overcome an obstacle.

If you have not launched your product or service yet, you can review the social media accounts from your competition. Look at what customers are saying about that brand. What problems are they experiencing? What publications are they following? What influencers are they engaging with? 


How to create a buyer persona


Conduct Surveys


Surveys and interviews are a great way to gather detailed information about your target audience. The downside is that they are time-consuming but the insights they provide make them well worth the effort. 

You can conduct large surveys by sending out questionnaires to your email list, social media followers, or other audience you have. If you have not launched yet, you can reach out to admins of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and ask them if you can share your survey with their audience. These groups should be highly relevant to your product and industry. 


To Sum Up


Buyer personas are a highly effective tool for startup marketing. They are fictional characters that represent your ideal customer. To create a buyer persona for your startup, you will need to gather data. You can do this through social listening, and surveys. You can even gather data and create personas before your product launch following the above tips. These personas will help you target your content to real people and improve its impact. 


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