Streams Update: New Features To Help You Discover and Distribute Content

Streams Update: New Features To Help You Discover and Distribute Content

Team Streams

May 24th, 2021

Streams Update: New Features To Help You Discover and Distribute Content

Streams has reached a new milestone this week. On 24th May 2021, the new and updated version of our content curation tool was released. The new features that allow for publishing content directly to social media channels, additional insights into trending content, and an improved user interface have all been developed to help you save time and have a bigger impact with your content marketing. 


Our Clients Content Curation 


As we move forward with the Streams platform, we always do so with one golden rule: our clients come first. Technology and trends have value, but when we add new features and make changes we do so with our clients at the centre of our idea generation, not thinking about the latest tech or what our competitors are doing. You are the ones driving forward the evolution of Streams.

Our updated tool comes with features that our clients have been asking for. Giving you a greater user experience, and lots of exciting new features that will streamline your content curation process, freeing up your team's time, and allowing you to publish content quickly, that will have a greater impact and engagement. 


Streams Content Curation


Distributing Content


Content distribution is one of our best new features. You were asking for it, and we’ve delivered. You can now publish content directly to social media from within the Streams tool.

Publishing capabilities are available for all major social media platforms and you can customise long and short text, along with images on shared content. 

You no longer waste time or experience a kink in the workflow, taking the great content you find and placing it in front of your audience. The share button within the Streams tool saves you a lot of time with distributing the content you have found to your social audiences, helping you easily keep on top of your social channels and stay organized with your content curation.


Streams new improved content search 


Improved Content Search


Our content search was one of the features we were most proud of within Streams. However, there is always room for improvement. The new search tool has been updated with lots of powerful new options to help you find content your audience will love. 

You can highly customise your search terms, now having additional options to exclude keywords from your search. For example, you can now search the term ‘content marketing’ but exclude the word ‘email’ so email marketing content is not included. 

The search tool now lets you follow your search terms. You can save specific searches, and when you log into Streams you can view a regularly updated feed of content that matches your search terms. 

Search results can be refined and filtered with great new options. You can filter by location, with options including ‘Worldwide,’ ‘US,’ ‘UK,’ and more. You can refine the results to show all content, or only content that has been recently published with options including published in the last week, the last month and the last 3 months.

Content has quick insights within its tile. At-a-glance, you can view the shareability of a post and the number of times it has been shared on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also view the sentiment of content which lets you know the overall tone, from Very Negative to Very Positive. 


Streams New Platform Content Curation Tool


Follow Topic Streams


Once you have set your search terms you can follow these topics and view new content related to them when you log in. You don’t need to constantly remember search terms or input advanced search settings. You can save and follow these terms to easily stay up-to-date with new content in your niche and the topics you are interested in by activating a new stream. 

You also have the option to Activate one of the many pre-set Streams that we have created. These range from topics such as Marketing to Property. Our Streams are a great place to start when exploring the new features of your Strems account and can also bring you inspiration for creating your own custom Streams. 


New User Interface


The Streams user interface has been improved. The new design is highly intuitive and displays all the information you need exactly where you want to see it. The search bar has been improved and the search flow is easier to follow with pop up instructions and advanced options. 

The new user interface makes searching and distributing content easy. The tool is now much simpler for your team to work with, with intuitive features and an obvious design that puts everything in place, exactly where you would expect it. The functions of every button, slider, search bar etc, are obvious and allow you to develop a seamless workflow. 


See inspirations here:


We’ve built all of these additional features with our clients in mind and are excited for you to try them all out. There's good news for you newcomers too. You can test these features for free with our 14-day free trial. During which you get access to the full platform functionality of the newest version of Streams.