The Importance of Implementing Content Scoring in Marketing To Strengthen Your Brand

The Importance of Implementing Content Scoring in Marketing To Strengthen Your Brand

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February 27th, 2021

The Importance of Implementing Content Scoring in Marketing To Strengthen Your Brand

Devising a way to score your content is instrumental in giving yourself, and your team a foundational approach to marketing. Acting as both a benchmark and a forecast, content scoring can be applied to blog posts, videos, imagery and scripts, and will guide you as a brand in producing well-received content.


Content Scoring


A team is made up of individuals with different skillsets, approaches and interpretations that they apply to a brief. Each person’s unique trait supports that of their colleague, and though everyone’s input aids in the final output, a brand only has one voice.

Introducing content scoring within a team of marketers gives them a baseline to work off allowing them to echo a unified tone to your target audience. Instead of relying on personal preference or gut feelings, having a scoring system in place means the team gets it right the first time, all by passing the set minimum score requirement.

A version of content scoring can be seen in sentiment analysis which is the process of an analysis of text to decipher tone. Sentiment analysis can score if your text reads as positive, negative, or even in some cases, go as far as telling you if a body of words read as happy, angry or factual. 

Used in marketing before content goes live assures the brand’s tone is universally understood. Read more about the importance of utilizing sentiment analysis in marketing in our article here.

Content scoring is a methodology that makes for brand cohesiveness and establishes a focal point.


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Integrating a quantitative way to assess your content allows for a means to ensure a level of quality control.

If a piece of content cannot go live unless it has a scoring of say 80/100, then this puts into place a high standard of attainment. Churning out content to meet constant demands can easily feel routine for some as they rush through a mountain of work by using set templates, barely adjusted wording, image or colour. Adding a scoring method allows you to stop and look at each piece to make sure it is as strong as it can be in its own right. 

It might not always be easy to hit scoring targets, but this opens up the opportunity to teach, and cultivate growth within your organisation, as you help employees understand how to get their scores up, and stay up.


Scoring Content 3


Content is scorable on a curve, meaning that different forms of content don’t hold the same weight as others. This is largely due to the value it holds to different audiences at different moments. 

A loyal user may be more inclined to read a blog post, whereas a potential new user will be more inclined to watch a short video. It’s then for you to determine which holds the higher score; the piece of easy to produce content that brings in new consumers, or the hardy piece that takes longer to construct, but helps to maintain a loyal base. 

With these variables in mind, you can begin to create actionable, measurable insights with your content scores. You can break down a piece of content and assess its score on a range of factors such as its performance on different social media platforms, its sentiment, and how the text reads. 

Taking into account all of the above you can then numerate this within an internal scoring system. Whether you pull data of content scoring on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, when used in conjunction with other more common metrics such as engagement, reach and audience breakdowns, you can assess which pieces of content hold the highest value. From there it is up to you to tweak content release and placement so it has the best performance advantage. 


Content scoring sets a high, but not unobtainable objective for creating content in marketing. It works as a proven way for marketers to have a better understanding and projection of a contents potential, and allows you as a brand, to analyse scores alongside other insights, shifting goalposts where necessary. Overall using content scoring will facilitate a stronger marketing campaign.

We’ve developed the Streams content score so you dont have to create your own. Our content scoring is easy to understand and encourages the creation of the best performing content  -  nobody likes bad content after all!   


Content Scoring


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