The Simple Guide to Content Curation vs Content Creation

The Simple Guide to Content Curation vs Content Creation

Team Streams

March 19th, 2021

The Simple Guide to Content Curation vs Content Creation

You’ve just stepped into the world of digital marketing. There is so much to wrap your head around and an overwhelming amount of conflicting information online. According to Content Marketing Institute, content generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less. You figure it's a great way to help you grow your business, but where to start?  

You’ve probably stumbled across the terms content curation and content creation when building your digital marketing strategy. But what do they mean? And which is better for your business?

In this blog post, we will give you a simple guide to digital marketing content curation vs content creation. What they both are and how you should use them. Don't worry we aren't going to start throwing acronyms and marketing buzzwords around, we keep it simple and just give you the information we wish we had known when we first jumped into digital marketing.


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Content Curation vs Content Creation: What's The Difference?


Both content curation and content creation are vital parts of a successful digital marketing strategy. But they need to be approached differently. Here are the main differences between curated content vs created/original content.


Content Curation 

Curated content in the simplest terms is content that your company did not create. It is content that someone else has created but is relevant to your business and so you share it on one of your platforms to bring its attention to your audience.


Content Creation 

In contrast, created content is original content. This is content of any form that your company can take credit for. If you write a blog, create a YouTube video, record a podcast etc, and generate the idea, and put time and resources into the production, this is your created content. 


Content Creation vs Content Curation


Content Curation in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Now you know what content creation is you may be thinking, “why should I do this? Isn't this basically promoting someone else's business?” 

Well, the short answer is yes, you are promoting someone else's content. However, there is a tonne of great reasons to include content curation in your digital marketing.

The first and foremost is that it’s time and cost effective. As a small business, finding the resources and time to create large amounts of original content is often out of the question. 

Sharing content from others allows you to keep content coming out, start conversations with your audience, and share an alternative voice to your own at a fraction of the cost of generating original content. 

An important part of content curation is thinking about whose content you are sharing. You ideally would steer away from direct competitors. Instead, you can look to:

• Content from reliable and top publications such as Forbes

• News articles relevant to your industry

• Industry influencers

• Create roundup blog posts


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Content Creation in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Creating your own content has a tonne of benefits. Some of the biggest are that it builds your authority in your industry and helps build trust with your customers. On top of this well planned and high-quality content can then be shared as other businesses use it as part of their curated content, giving your brand more exposure. 

Content creation is used for lead generation. When it's on your website the goal is to generate organic traffic that you can convert into customers. 

When creating content, it's important to remember quality over quantity. You want to be thoughtful and create content that will resonate with your audience and give them information that they find valuable. 

It's also important to look at what platforms you publish on and the medium you create your content in. Communicate with your audience and discover what types of content they enjoy. Do they like long YouTube videos, or short reels and TikToks? Are they readers who would prefer an in-depth blog post, or are they on the move and want quick short tweets, or podcasts they can listen to?


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To Sum Up


How you approach your digital marketing will be dependent on your business and what you want to achieve. In the question of curation vs creation, both should be included. However, the balance will not often be 50/50. Creation takes longer and more resources so you may find that somewhere closer to 75/25 is more realistic and delivers better results for your business.


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