4 Time-Saving Hacks For Content Creation

4 Time-Saving Hacks For Content Creation

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April 18th, 2021

4 Time-Saving Hacks For Content Creation

How long does it take to create content? The time-consuming nature of creating great content is something many small businesses struggle with. However, creating content does not always have to be time-consuming. There are some hacks that expert content marketers use to create great quality content quickly. 

In this article, we cover four simple ways you can speed up your content creation process, without compromising quality.  


1. Re-Purpose Your Content


No business can be expected to share new content every day. Simply because you are sharing content regularly does not mean that it has to all be new ideas. Re-purposing content is a great way to take existing ideas and refresh them, allowing you to create content quickly.

To repurpose content, find some well-performing content. Did you have a blog post that got a lot more page views and time on page than other posts you published? Or did one of your YouTube videos get more views and comments?

Take this high performing piece of content and repurpose it for another platform. You could make a successful blog post and turn it into a short video or podcast episode. According to Ductape Marketing, repurposed content can increase your traffic by 300%.

It's not simply about churning out content. Repurposed content helps ensure that your audience is more likely to see your top content by distributing it amongst many platforms. Because of the way algorithms work, if you stick to one platform, most of your audience might miss that great blog post you wrote. 

How long does it take to create content?


2. Make Less Content 


A very simple way to save time on content creation is to create less content. Instead of focusing on how much content you can create, take a quality over quantity approach. 

Let's say you have five hours a week you, or someone on your team can dedicate to content creation such as blog posts. You will be better off creating one amazing, packed with knowledge blog post that is well researched and gives a lot of value to your audience over creating a post for every day that is flimsy and generalised with information your audience isn't searching for.


3. Invite Guest-Posters


Trying to keep up with the pace of creating content regularly is tough. A great option to fill gaps when you know you will be absorbed with other areas of your business is to reach out to guest posters. 

Reach out to your connections in the industry. Ask them to create a blog post for your website, do a social media takeover, host a webinar, record a podcast episode or create any other type of content you can think of. 

Find guests who are relevant to your business and industry. People who will be able to provide value to your audience and who your audience will be excited to connect with. 

Often these types of connections can be highly beneficial and budget-friendly. Your business gets exposed to your guests' audience and vice versa. In addition, you can let guests promote their own product or content, or offer to create a guest piece of content for them at a later stage.

Fast content creation


4. Schedule Your Content In Advance


All of the best content marketers plan, create and schedule their content in advance. Creating a calendar and having your ideas planned and completed ahead of time is much more efficient than scrambling around every week trying to create a new piece of content. 

There are a bunch of great content marketing tools that are designed specifically for helping marketers schedule their content. Many of them also have free or budget versions that will help keep your content organized. 

When you block out a specific day for idea generation and planning of content for the month, you more efficiently use your time. This long term view can also help you create better content. You can pick a theme for the month, or have a clear vision for what topics you want to cover. You can create your content pieces so they complement each other and even create series in parts over various weeks that give your audience the in-depth content they crave. 


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