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We Are Streams

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December 1st, 2020

We Are Streams


Like everyone else, COVID-19 meant we had to throw a lot of our plans out of the window for 2019 and onwards. This was especially daunting for us as we were in the throes of growing our brand and building our tool. 

Streams was created by a team of digital marketers who sort to simplify marketing, people who are passionate and determined about what they do - and this core objective was injected into our working practices when we shifted from the office to remote working. 

Once we warmed ourselves up a bit to the new normal, we saw that it was still possible to meet certain deadlines we had put into place at the beginning of the year. It would be a little different but we could be up and running to help users find the best content ideas.



From top to bottom we had to unlearn working practices that are inbuilt in so many of us from a young age. You get up, journey to work, spend a good eight hours there with your second family, come home and do it all again until the weekend. Funnily enough, for some of us, rewiring our brains from what had been the norm for so long, wasn’t all that difficult. 

We were fortunate enough to expand Streams while we all worked from our corners of the country, inviting a warm (virtual) welcome to new members of staff. They were people who understood what Streams was and jumped on the chance to put in the work and get the platform off the ground. 

Bringing this all together took a team of engineers, data scientists, content writers and of course marketers, to name a few. Yes, we wanted to launch Streams, but it was more important to us that the people who could make that possible were taking care of themselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Divided we conquered, working together to build and launch Streams. Our individual working styles forged together allowing us to collaboratively finalise both the tool and the brand for our users. 

Working from home came unexpectedly to many of us, and adjustments had to be made. On the personal side, people found themselves clearing out that old junk room to fit a desk and chair, playing with their furry family members more and entertaining their families between work calls, and professionally - let’s just say Zoom meetings became our saviour and a pain in the rear end. What matters the most is that we were able to come together, find creative solutions and stay connected.

Seeing how far we’ve come, we know others have been on similar journeys too. Let us know how you’ve had to accommodate your work life into your home life, and like the team, tag us in your own creative workspaces.

Say it better with Streams - we help make content clearer so you can find the inspiration for your next marketing campaign.


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