Why Your Website Needs To Be At The Centre of Your Marketing

Why Your Website Needs To Be At The Centre of Your Marketing

Team Streams

April 26th, 2021

Why Your Website Needs To Be At The Centre of Your Marketing

As a business owner, you want your business to succeed. Having a successful website is a key to this and your website needs to be at the centre of your marketing strategy. 

Some businesses start up with low budgets for their online presence. They build their following on social media, other platforms or with no online presence at all. However, there comes a time when they wish they had started sending their audience to a website from the beginning. Now, with an already established presence, they have to build a website and find a way to direct their traffic there.

Websites have a huge amount of power and potential for businesses and in this article, we will cover the reasons why you need a website, and why it needs to be the centre of your marketing. 


You Own Your Website


Does anyone remember MySpace? Or any of the other obsolete social media platforms that once ruled the web?

Trends change and online platforms go out of style. Instagram and TikTok may be big today but in a year or two, nobody knows if they will still be around. You don't want to build your following and business on the back of one platform when it can disappear in an instant. 

Not only is it possible for these platforms to disappear and take your audience with them. They set the rules for how your audience interacts with you. Algorithm changes on platforms have huge impacts on small business. 

In 2018, when Instagram changed its algorithm, many small businesses reported a huge drop in engagement. 



If your entire business is built around a platform you don’t control, it can be taken away at any moment. Centring your marketing efforts around your website means your audience will always be able to find you, and you will always be in control of the content they see and how they interact with you. 


Stop Sending Leads to Other Places


There are many small businesses out there, that have websites but only as a formality. They don’t use them to their full potential. If you have an eCommerce business for example, but make your sales through Amazon, you may think having a website is pointless.

However, by directing prospects to your website for direct sales, over directing them to another platform, you cut out the middle man. You can increase profits, provide better customer service, and improve your brand awareness by selling on a website that is built with your branding. 




When creating content you should be publishing it directly to your website. There are a lot of content hubs out there from YouTube to Medium. It can be tempting to publish only to these hubs. They get a lot of traffic and you have more discoverability. 

However, you should be also publishing to your website and directing your traffic there. With original content on your blog, you get a lot of advantages content hubs don't offer. For example customizability. You can design your posts and lay them out how you want to and in a way that best compliments your content. 

When you publish content on your website, you let search engines know that it is being regularly updated. This is great for your SEO. In addition, if you write a great piece of content do you want Medium to rank high in the search results for it? Or do you want your website to rank high, where you can then direct visitors to other parts of your site and convert them into customers? 


Make your website the centre of your marketing


Email Lists 


Your website can help you build other channels that are entirely your own, such as email lists. Email marketing is a channel every business should be taking advantage of. The average expected ROI is $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. That's a huge return you could be getting if you were able to build a solid list. 


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