What Is An NFT Calendar and Why You Need To Use It

What Is An NFT Calendar and Why You Need To Use It

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September 15th, 2022

What Is An NFT Calendar and Why You Need To Use It

BeInCrypto estimates that the global NFT market is worth around $3 billion. Skyrocketing interest in NFTs is exciting but also hard to keep track of. 

What if there was a simple location that you could go to to keep track of all important NFT drops, sales and events, and also share your own business NFT drops? 

Great news: this location exists. An NFT calendar means that you won’t miss any more flash sales, NFT drops, or competitor events.

In this post, we will explain what an NFT calendar is, why you need one, and give you some great NFT calendars to follow. 


What is an NFT calendar?


An NFT calendar is an online platform or tool that helps businesses, artists, and marketers keep track of NFT drops. Whether you are a brand launching its own NFT collection or an individual  NFT artist or developer, keeping updated on the latest NFT drops is essential for your NFT strategy.

NFT calendars typically include the dates and times of new NFT drops along with countdown notifications that allow you to keep track of the remaining time until the collection is live and get notified when it is. 

Your brand can also add your own NFT drops to NFT calendars to expose the drop to a wider audience and potentially generate more sales. 


Why You Should Use an NFT Calendar


There are numerous reasons why you should start using an NFT calendar. Here are just a few:


NFT calendars help you communicate NFT events and deadlines to your customers and partners. You can build hype and ensure there is clear communication for all involved parties about when the drop is happening and what the deliverables are.


NFT calendars are a great resource for research. You can learn more about the NFT space in general and what the current trends are. You can also research specific competitors and see when their dops are and what they will be launching in their collection.


Promoting your NFT project on an NFT calendar means you can reach a wider audience. If you are a brand, NFT creator or promoter, you can use NFT calendars to list the events for your audience and others in the industry to see.


NFT Calendars You Can Use


Some of the best NFT calendars to promote your drops include:


To Sum Up 


NFT calendars are important for any business or creator looking to launch NFTs. They help you keep on top of trends, ensure you never miss a drop and give you valuable insights into what your competitors are doing. 


See inspirations here:


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