World Emoji Day: How to Use Emojis To Increase Engagement

World Emoji Day: How to Use Emojis To Increase Engagement

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July 16th, 2021

World Emoji Day: How to Use Emojis To Increase Engagement

World emoji day is today and we are celebrating by sharing some of our top secrets on how you can use emojis to boost engagement with your content. 

According to Emojics, the use of emojis in posts increases Instagram engagement rates by 48%. And it's not only Instagram, where you can improve engagements. Across social platforms, e-mail marketing campaigns, and videos, you can start using emojis as a way to build better interactions with your audience.

In this article, we talk about why we have world emoji day and how you can start using emojis in your marketing campaigns to boost your engagement levels. 


World Emoji Day: What Is It and Why Do We Celebrate It?


World emoji day is an unofficial holiday to celebrate emojis. The first world emoji day was celebrated in 2014. While it is an unofficial holiday it has been widely embraced across the globe, especially by brands who use the day to align with product releases relating to emojis. 

One of the reasons that this unofficial holiday has taken off is that we love emojis. Okay, maybe not everyone. Perhaps your Grandpa finds them weird or annoying. But the majority of social media users find emojis a great way to communicate.

The emoji does more than simply replace words. It helps us clearly communicate our tone, emotion, and intention over online platforms. Much of the way we communicate verbally comes from the inflection and tone in our voice, along with body language. 

When this is removed, such as in many online communications, it's common for words to be misinterpreted. In fact, according to psychologist Albert Mehrabian's only 7% of the information we receive when talking to someone reflects what they actually say. Emojis help to solve this problem. 


Using Emojis In Marketing 


Using emojis in marketing can engage your audience. However, it's also possible it could have some disastrous effects if they are poorly placed or misinterpreted. Perhaps that is why you have stayed away from using them. Not to worry, we are going to share our top tips for how to use emojis the right way in marketing. 


Emojis in marketing


Learn What Emojis Your Audience Use

Knowing what emojis your audience use is the first step to the successful use of emojis in marketing. 

You can try implementing the following ideas:


How to use emojis for business


Humanise Your Brand With Emojis

Emojis are a great way to humanise your brand and build trust with your audience. By using emojis you help your brand appear as more than an entity or a marketing manager. 

You don't only need to think about using them when you post. You should also think about commenting with emojis on your audience's posts. A small 👏 to celebrate one of your customers or partners. A quick ❤️ to show support or gratitude. These little gestures go a long way in building long-lasting relationships with audiences.  


To Sum Up


This world emoji day, why not start incorporating emojis into your marketing? They are proven to boost engagement on social media, and if you follow our above tips you are sure to use them in an appropriate and well-received way.


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