Content insight made simple


Access a simple tool to see what content is working for other businesses


Our Streams mission is to simplify insight for everyone. Due to market demand we are now looking to take our mission one step further.

Coming soon - we are going to be making it even easier to access insight by opening up a wider Content Insight SaaS solution for a low cost monthly fee.



If you wish to understand your competition better or want to learn what type of content performs best with search engines & your audience then Streams Content insight is for you.

Traditionally access to this level of intelligence can be complex, costly and time consuming.

Inspired by the idea of making insight as simple as asking a friend we are looking to remove these challenges. By providing access to the right data with the right technology we can provide insight on the widest audience in a cost effective way.



Easy to use


An interface that’s great for marketers & businesses. It’s so simple that you can get started without training.




Simple yet powerful


Insight tools that get rid of complex tasks in a few clicks. Say good-bye to content guesswork and hello to one click insight.




Insight tool box


Get a sense of what’s going to go viral, see realtime results of content that's smashing it and focus on topics that are relevant to you.



Stay in touch


If you are looking for the competitive edge with your content then stay in touch with us to receive our launch offers.



About Us


Our mission is to make insight simple. We have been enabling amazing content experiences across the globe for over 20 years. We are now looking to help people access the insight that helps businesses grow.