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Streams is built to help brands distribute the best intelligence to their teams & the best content to their customers



Global solution

Streams operates globally throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We have strong relationships across the globe and are proud to serve multiple clients across these territories.



A new chapter for our customers

In order to provide a deeper level of intelligence for teams we have launched our new Streams Platform. This is powered by Streams now enables teams to discover better insights, deliver the best content & drive the ultimate strategies.




Launching the new Streams Platform

Pulling together cutting edge intelligence into a single place, so users can track performance and discover real-time information, the platform provides immediate data intelligence, insight & automation. powers Streams to help build data stories for our customers by enabling faster growth through clearer information. This is generated from understanding millions of relationships, interactions and connections. This adds huge behavioural insights which is providing our customers with powerful data driven intelligence for personalised targeting and decision making.


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Here at Streams we are an energetic team that likes to move fast. We have offices around the globe and the team are always looking to bring together the top problem solvers.

If you are interested in working in a fast paced, cutting edge industry then please contact us.


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Mark Epstein

Chief Executive Officer

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Non Executive Chairman

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Non-Executive Director


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Mark Epstein

Chief Executive Officer

Enrique Benasso

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Gutteridge

Chief Product Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer